Meet the WordPassion team

Barbara Szacoń-Wójcik wordpassion

Barbara Szacoń-Wójcik

WordPassion CEO, translator, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai language teacher, orientalist

Welcome to the WordPassion website, my name is Barbara Szacoń-Wójcik, and I’m the company’s founder. Wanting to join the passion for languages and creating texts, I set up a company that offers a variety of language services – creating various content, translations, and language courses. I graduated in Japanese and Vietnamese-Thai philology. For nearly five years, I have run the WordPassion company, and my language teaching started while still at the university. Working as a language teacher and translator is my passion, and I love sharing my knowledge about foreign languages – it led to creating a blog, among others. When it was created in 2012, I realized that I have always liked writing, so I started working as a copywriter. I create content in various languages, I like language teaching-related themes, as well as topics on Asian culture and religion, but I manage to work on every subject. Besides running a company, I primarily teach foreign languages, conduct individual and group lessons, also in the free version. On Instagram orientalistka_wordpassion I share my knowledge about Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai languages. Various cultural subjects appear there, not only Asian-related. 

Patrycja Tokarska wordpassion

Patrycja Tokarska

Copywriting and Content Writing specialist

My name is Patrycja Tokarska, and I have been working in WordPassion company for four years – I started as a student, and temporary contracts quickly became permanent cooperation. I graduated in journalism studies and initially planned to become a reporter or a radio personality. It quickly turned out that copywriting is the job that gives me the most pleasure. I like writing texts, and I have never found it challenging. Creating content is a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge. I work well with subjects related to animals, cosmetics, and lifestyle, however, I create content from different fields as well, for example, on the subject of welding, photography, and Formula One races. I like trekking in the Polish mountains, longer vacations are a great opportunity for me to reach another summit. In my free time, I play the ukulele and make photographs, mostly of nature.


Ewelina Szura wordpassion

Ewelina Szura

Copywriting and Content Writing specialist

My name is Ewelina Szura, and I work in WordPassion as Copywriting and Content Writing specialist. In 2019 I graduated in law studies. This field of education allows me to understand legal acts, which is helpful while creating legal texts. I’m interested in psychology, minimalism, interior design, plants, mindfulness, although as a copywriter, I can comfortably write about various subjects. I like creating graphics shared in social media, using a free online tool – Canva. Such projects bring me satisfaction and provide me with an opportunity for creative expression. I efficiently detect any misspellings, and I pay attention not only to the text itself but also to the aesthetic of the visited websites. I love reading, and I share my passion on my blog, Instagram, as well as YouTube account. Among my favorite genres are non-ficiton and fiction (belles lettres).


Aneta Łasak

English translator, proofreader, copywriter

My name is Aneta Łasak, and I graduated in English Philology, specialized in translations. Words are only one of my passions – I like both reading and writing. Literature occupies an important place in my life, so it was only natural that it translated into creating texts. Already in my school years, I knew that I see my future in English studies. I’m interested in British culture and history as well as in some social issues. I try to broaden my knowledge about various interesting topics, and besides fiction, my bookshelf is full of non-fiction literature. I like language, English especially, and I surround myself with it as much as I can – both in literary and spoken versions. In my free time, I read interior design magazines, so this field is easy for me. If not for the passion for language, I would have chosen a different path because I have interests in diverse subjects. It allows me to write on various, not related to my education topics.