There are huge benefits to a company’s presence in the online world. The Internet is an extremely graceful tool for communicating information. For several years now, entrepreneurs have been making intensive use of it, promoting their products and services through various media channels. How and why is it worth doing this?

Where to advertise a company on the Internet?

A company’s activity in various channels is of great importance if you want to build a recognizable and trustworthy brand. By making yourself known, you gain customers. However, advertising your company online needs to be well-thought-out – you need to choose the right strategy and set marketing goals. A website is important and you should have one, but your audience needs to know about it – and they need to know why it is worth visiting.

A very developed and accessible tool for advertising a business is Facebook. Systematically adding posts and sharing valuable knowledge can bring you, new customers. Another channel that more and more entrepreneurs are using is TikTok. This is a platform for recording short videos that often become viral. Although it has been dominated by teenagers, it is worthwhile to establish a presence in this space as well and gradually build brand recognition.

It is also worth setting up a profile on LinkedIn, which connects professionals in specific industries with each other. Not only can you look for new employees on this platform – it is also used to create valuable and engaging content. By sharing articles from your website or posting short posts about your industry, you create an image as an expert, which will bring tangible benefits in the long term.

If you have a website, it is a good idea to enrich it with a thematic blog. Post entries that will help your customers use a product or do something. The posts should contain a lot of useful and free knowledge – your audience will thank you for it.

Advertising your business online yourself

If you don’t have enough budget to outsource your online advertising to a marketing agency, you can do it on your own. There are many tools and methods that even a layman can handle. These include social media activities or creating a Google business card. However, if you don’t want to deal with marketing yourself, we recommend getting in touch with an agency that will do it professionally. If done carelessly and poorly thought out, advertising your business online can be counterproductive – creating an inconsistent image, which will scare away potential customers.

Why should your business exist on the internet?

Advertising a company on the Internet is the future, or even already the present, for business. It is a mandatory part of the development of any business – regardless of its nature. The presence of your company in the online sphere is conducive to increased sales of services or products. Thanks to regular activity, a potential customer can learn about your business in general, and get to know and trust you. If they decide to buy – you increase your profit. Remember, however, that your products and services should be reliable and of the highest quality. Various forums and reviews, e.g. on Google Business Card, are effective in encouraging or discouraging customers who are looking for services similar to yours.


co-authored by Julia Nita, the WordPassion intern

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