Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks. It has many interesting features that are constantly being improved. With this app, we can share anything with our friends, such as photos from a birthday party or a funny video with our pet in the lead role. It is also a great marketing communications tool for businesses. There are many ways to use Instagram.

However, not everyone knows that there are several ways to use this social networking service even more effectively. Here are some cool apps that make Instagram easier to use.

Hashtags – the way to improve range

From a marketing point of view, increasing the reach of posts requires appropriate positioning. For this purpose, Instagram uses hashtags, preferably those that are frequently searched for. It is also important to choose hashtags that will somehow relate to the published photo and its description. If you don’t like coming up with tons of creative slogans for your messages, it’s worth looking for an app that does it for you. One of them is AutoHash. It is a free application that makes Instagram easy to use. The program analyses the photo you added and selects the appropriate hashtags. Of course, you can freely edit them and even create your own hashtag database.

Perfect Stories

A significant feature offered by Instagram is keeping in touch through so-called Stories. This is a particularly useful option for business accounts, as it diversifies your promotion strategy and provides a better customer experience. Stories are mainly used to quickly and easily post content that you want to share with your followers. When creating stories, most users don’t pay as much attention to their aesthetics as they do to posts. However, it is worth taking care of the appropriate graphic refinement of this type of content. Unfold is an app that offers over 200 story templates. It’s a good idea to choose a style for your stories and posts and use it consistently. In the era of Instagram, a visually appealing profile is like a business card. Canva also offers similar capabilities. This is a unique tool, especially for businesses. In addition to templates for stories and messages, it allows you to create your own logo, as well as flyers and promotional posters.

Do you need the best equipment to take beautiful photos?

The answer is definitely no. Currently, there are many applications available that allow you to “embellish” photos, even taken in poor lighting and not the best equipment. Lightroom lets you sharpen your photos, emphasize color and light, and deepen shadows. Plus, you can use filters in a variety of styles, such as artistic or vintage, to give your photos a unique character. The program certainly has more features than a standard photo editor, and at the same time is quite easy to use.

Apps that make Instagram easier to use – good organization is the key!

People who dream of becoming an influencer or want to promote their own brand should plan their social media strategy accordingly. The Planoly app lets you create up to 30 Instagram posts a month in advance. With this option, you will keep the posting regular, and in addition, you will see how the photos will be positioned in the Instagram grid layout before adding them. Plus, you can crop photos, save and group hashtags just like in the AutoHash app. Planoly also allows you to view your account statistics.

Instagram is a great communication tool for both personal and business purposes. However, it’s worth knowing apps that make it easy to use. Thanks to them, you will take full advantage of the potential that this social network offers. If you have any problems with preparing content posted on Instagram, we will be happy to help you. Contact us, and we will work out a strategy together.

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