Only a few years ago, there was a belief that technological development would completely replace manual labor. No one could have expected that it was the creative industry that could be at risk. Is there really anything to be afraid of for us, copywriters? Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) something to fear? 

How does AI work?

Let’s start with a general overview of how artificial intelligence works. AI is based on algorithms and mathematical models which enable computers to analyze data, recognize patterns, make decisions and learn from experience. In order to create such a sophisticated and comprehensive tool, developers employ five techniques:

  1. machine learning – allows machines to make decisions based on new information
  2. deep learning – it enables the code to recognize and classify data more accurately
  3. natural language processing – computers can process, understand and answer human questions, analyze texts and translate from one language to another
  4. computer vision – through this technique, computers are able to recognize objects, faces, gestures or read road signs
  5. data processing and analysis – it uncovers patterns, relationships, and information hidden in large data sets, thereby facilitating better understanding and decision-making

Machines using AI are able to process large amounts of data, recognize patterns, predict trends, optimize processes and provide more precise results than traditional methods. However, their performance still depends on the quality of data and algorithms, as well as their proper adjustment to a given purpose.

Artificial Intelligence – copywriting. How is it used in this field?

Since you already have a rough idea of how AI works, it is now time to think about how it can be used by a copywriter. First – to generate content. Imagine that you need to create 100 product descriptions for a website of a store. AI will do it for you in a few, a dozen, or several dozen seconds! Of course, it won’t deprive you of work completely – all the content needs to be thoroughly checked for errors. After all, it is quite an improvement which can actually considerably speed up your work.

Another interesting way of using AI in copywriting is the personalization of the texts you create. Algorithms can analyze users’ demographic data, preferences and behaviors, which makes it possible to write content customized to your audience. What’s more, AI is the perfect tool to optimize your content for search engines since it analyzes SEO trends, keywords, and structure, providing tips on how to improve your text in terms of SEO.

Artificial Intelligence can also be a tool for substantive proofreading and content correction. Sophisticated algorithms can detect grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors, which makes it possible to create professional texts without the need for editors.

Artificial Intelligence as a threat to copywriters?

AI tools have some features useful for copywriting and they can facilitate the process of content creation. However, at the current stage of development, they can’t completely replace a copywriter. A professional writer in this field has the knowledge and creativity which are irreplaceable in creating original, surprising and engaging content. They also know how to create unique perspectives, referring to emotions and relating to the audience. Besides, they can adjust the content to particular marketing strategies, taking into consideration business objectives and customers’ needs.

It is important to remember that AI is constantly developing. Algorithms keep learning night and day. The more you use them, the better they become. Which way its development goes depends on humans. They are the ones who wrote the code and have control over it.

Nevertheless, the conclusion is somewhat serious: it is not the artificial intelligence that we should be afraid of but the people who want to benefit from it. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by law. The European Union has already started working on the first regulations regarding the use of artificial intelligence. Therefore, for the time being, we can be at ease.

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