Have you already created your business Facebook fan page? Now you can start planning what to post on it. Gaining high popularity and getting new followers, who may also become your clients, requires patience, proper strategy, and a bit of creativity. How to maintain a Facebook page for your business so that it becomes an additional form of advertising? This is what our next article is about.

Quality, not quantity

To increase the popularity of the Facebook business fan page, we don’t have to publish several posts every day. Such actions are often counterproductive – the content appearing too frequently is irritating and treated as spam. Furthermore, people who liked our fan page may start hiding our posts, which limits their reach. When we have many ideas for posts, we should just schedule them to publish for the next few days.

When planning posts on Facebook, try to follow one simple rule: quality, not quantity. Their content is more important than their frequency of appearing. The more often new posts are published, the more limited is the reach of the next posts – so they might not reach a large audience. Of course, it doesn’t mean we can post every two weeks or once a month. A rarely updated fan page doesn’t look well and potential clients may find our business not reliable and unprofessional.

Business Facebook account – when to post?

We can post on the weekends and public holidays when almost all of us have more spare time. As a result, the popularity of Facebook posts may significantly increase. For the content to appear on a specific date, it is worth using the post scheduling option. Just set the date and time, and a new post will appear at the selected moment.

WordPassion – Facebook Fan Page

However, posting on days off doesn’t always work, it depends on the business and the field in which it specializes. A common idea is that posts added in the evenings from Monday till Friday reach the highest number of users since most of them check their social media after coming back from work. What’s more, we have to remember that not every target group is active at the same hour. It is worth trying to post at a different time to check how our clients perceive us. Based on several days of observations, we will decide when it is best to add new posts to bring the expected result. For instance, restaurants usually use Facebook as an additional information channel about new promotions, specials of the day, etc. To encourage clients to visit the place, such posts should be published in the morning, before the restaurant opens.

The form of Facebook posts

We’ve mentioned that the most important thing is the quality of the posts, that is, their substantive value. However, it is also necessary to think about the visual aspect. Entries should include a relevant picture, graphic, or even a short video, depending on the subject. Sometimes a graphic presentation reduces the post’s reach but, at the same time, it becomes more interesting to the recipients. It means the Facebook users react to such posts more willingly, comment on them or even send private messages. Do we always need to add a graphic element to our posts? There is no clear answer to this question. Usually, the content without pictures is considered unattractive. However, adding pictures to every entry is not the right solution since you can’t find a suitable illustration for every content.

Messenger settings

When creating a business Facebook account, we give our clients the possibility to contact us through Messenger. We can’t forget about optimizing it to make communication easier. Firstly, we should set a greeting message, which will appear in the chat window when the Facebook user will text us for the first time. We can customize it to show, for example, a name of a specific person, which will certainly be considered as a nice gesture.

Make sure to set an automatic response when the users decide to contact you outside working hours. This way, nobody will wait nervously for a reply, not knowing when it will be sent.

A business fan page isn’t private

The subject of posts should be consistent and related to the profile of our business. We need to think about who are our recipients and what may interest them. Facebook’s users often negatively perceive posts that don’t refer in any way to what the business does. It may cause a decrease in the number of followers. On the WordPassion profile, we try to publish the content concerning mainly online marketing and foreign languages learning because this is our field.

Sometimes, people who run fan pages of their businesses forget that their profiles aren’t private, and they shouldn’t publish non-business content, for instance, funny pictures or videos. Even though this type of post is popular, most users find it by accident and, in fact, they aren’t interested in our services or products. From time to time we can allow ourselves to publish light-hearted posts but as was mentioned above – it must be related to the business activities.

Facebook and image creation

On Facebook as well as on other social media, we can successfully create a positive image of our business. How to do that? One of the best methods is to give acknowledgment for sharing our post. It is estimated that approximately every tenth user reacts to such a gesture. We should also respond to every comment under our posts even if they express clients’ dissatisfaction. Interacting with other users increases profile visibility – our comments can be seen not only by the recipients but also by their friends.

A break from posting

Many marketing specialists advise planning social media posts in advance. However, sometimes a few days’ breaks in posting can boost our reach. The first few posts after longer inactivity on Facebook can gain two or three times higher popularity than those posted before the break. If we notice that our posts don’t reach numerous recipients, we can try this method and see its efficiency for ourselves.

Are you curious if there are any actions or practices on Facebook you should avoid? If so, we encourage you to read our entry about common mistakes in running the business Facebook account. We are waiting for comments about other ways to increase a fan page’s popularity.

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