Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites or rather photo-social sites. Every day millions of people use this app. Instagram can help to promote the company and increase its visibility on the Internet. However, a question arises – does everyone need an account on this site? We decided to check which companies a business Instagram profile will help and which don’t need it at all.

What is Instagram?

For the uninformed – Instagram, which is commonly referred to as Insta, is an app for publishing and editing photos and short videos. The service is used by many people around the world. Added content can be described by the use of hashtags (words preceded by the “#” symbol). The first version of Instagram appeared in 2010, and over time the number of active users was increasing rapidly (in 2017 it was 700 million). Today, the app is used not only by individuals who publish their selfies on the platform but also by companies. They want to increase their popularity with the help of business Instagram accounts, thus reaching a wider audience.

Who should a company have a business Instagram account?

All companies that take promotion and marketing activities on the Internet seriously should think about creating an Instagram account. It is another channel of communication with customers (including potential ones), which works relatively fast and effectively. The app is most frequently used by bloggers and influencers who want to promote their brand and/or gain more readers. Nevertheless, Instagram, just like Facebook, is the right app also for the companies operating in such industries as fashion, beauty, gastronomy, music, etc., which are looking for a new, interesting way to promote their products or services. The companies in other fields – such as online marketing, commerce, tourism, or automotive – can also succeed. However, before you create an account you need to ask yourself: who is my target group, and will Instagram let me reach them?

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Sometimes, despite posting regularly, the profile is not well visible, and not many people follow it. The reason for this might be the wrong approach to Instagram. Companies from such industries as construction or stone-cutting, rarely decide to run Instagram. This is not a communication channel that can increase the number of their customers. However, a lot depends on the content published on the profile or the approach to the app itself. It is worth considering whether Instagram is necessary for us and what we can achieve with it.

Company’s Instagram as a marketing tool

Since 2015, Instagram offers the possibility of the paid advertisements. This is a very good solution especially for companies that don’t have a large budget for promotion on social networking sites. The tool for creating sponsored posts allows you to determine the method of accounting, geolocation, and the target group. Hence, the content reaches people who are interested in a given topic. The advertising costs vary depending on supply and demand, but according to the majority of users, it is still an interesting and, above all, attractive option.

Not everyone has to be on Instagram, and not everyone will succeed on this platform. Although the app seems to be easy and clear it’s not exactly like that. Running a company account requires a precisely planned strategy and, most of all, selection of appropriate, good quality, and interesting content. So how to be successful on Instagram? We will certainly discuss this topic soon.

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