Content writing and copywriting are terms often used interchangeably. Although both terms belong to the area of broadly understood Internet marketing, they have a different meaning, and that’s the thing you should remember. The duties of a content writer look slightly different from those of a copywriter, which we’ll explain in this article. 

What is content writing? 

Content writing, or web writing, focuses on creating high-quality content. It includes mainly:

  • e-books,
  • business blog articles,
  • reviews,
  • white papers,
  • infographics (often require collaboration with a graphic designer).

The content writer works on creating thematic and substantive texts that aim at building the business image and gaining the trust of the specific target groups. Such texts are frequently relatively long, therefore their preparation requires scrupulous research and familiarizing with a given topic. The content prepared by a content writer usually doesn’t have a high impact on sales, however, it allows better website optimization, and that gives the opportunity to gain customers from organic traffic (coming to the website through search results, not marked as advertising). The content writer should remember to verify the information found in order to avoid factual errors. It’s also important to pay attention to the linguistic correctness and structure of the text. 

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Copywriting – what and how? 

What is copywriting? In a nutshell, it’s creating texts for the sake of marketing and advertising, which convey specific information to the recipients. Copywriter deals with preparing different types of content, such as:

  • presell pages
  • synonymized texts 
  • product and category description
  • SEO texts
  • advertorials

The duties of a copywriter sometimes also include creating catchy slogans, product names, or even scripts, for example, for short advertising spots. Moreover, a copywriter deals with preparing web content (both newly created and those requiring development). To work as a copywriter you should know very well the rules of the English or Polish language and marketing, not only online but also traditional marketing rules. Knowledge of issues such as sales psychology will also be a great help in creating effective sales content. 

Content writing or copywriting – what should you choose?

The basic difference between content writing and copywriting is that the first one focuses on creating specialized, more substantive, content, created not only for selling purposes. Texts written by a copywriter aim primarily at boosting sales using, among others, the language of profit. It’s difficult to state clearly when it is best to use content writing, and when copywriting. In reality, very often they complement one another and allow both improving the position of the website in the search results and increasing the interest in the products or services offered. 

A company that focuses mainly on advertising campaigns should hire a copywriter. Content created by a copywriter will surely help increase the interest in the products and services offered and thereby increase profits. Practices connected with content writing allow you to emerge as an expert in your industry. It’s a good solution when the most important thing is not the sale itself, but establishing a lasting relationship with the customers.

A good copywriter can be a content writer as well. Many people who have extensive experience in writing simple presell pages and blog posts, as well as specialized articles concerning a specific subject. If you need linguistically and stylistically correct, substantive, SEO-friendly content, please contact us to agree on the details of cooperation. 

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