Nowadays, marketing activities have mostly moved online. The majority of companies have their websites and manage their profiles on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

These are the perfect places to implement a content marketing strategy in order to acquire new customers. What is content marketing, and why should we use it?

Content marketing – what is it?

In a nutshell, content marketing is a technique that consists in promoting a brand or services by regularly publishing some valuable content. Texts for content marketing are created by a copywriter or content writer. These could be blog articles, category descriptions, e-books, flyers, infographics, expert articles, and sponsored articles. The list goes on, and content marketing activities often go beyond the Internet.

It is worth noting that texts created for marketing purposes ought to be, above all, substantive. Their main task is not to sell but to satisfy the need of gaining knowledge by potential customers. For example, a company that runs a furniture store may publish texts about interior design, the combination of colors, or kinds of fabrics. Thanks to this, people interested in a particular subject or people who wish to buy a given product will go to the website.

Why should we use content marketing?

Content marketing is a universal tool that allows the company to achieve various objectives. It brings many benefits such as:

Increased reach of the company and higher chances to acquire new customers

Content marketing allows you to reach a large group of customers. Moreover, it generates organic traffic, i.e., the visits of the website resulting from its appearance in search results, not because of paid advertising.

The image of an expert

Providing customers with answers to their questions is conducive to building the image of an expert. It translates into increased confidence in the brand. Such action allows the company to be one step ahead of the competition.

Relationships with customers – increasing trust and involvement

Content marketing allows you to establish a relationship with customers, while increasing confidence in the brand and their involvement. A satisfied customer will be happy to recommend a given company to his/her friends or family. It is also a great way to obtain feedback from the customers.

Brand Recognition

Increased brand recognition is another result of previously mentioned actions. The customer who trusts in the brand and feels satisfaction after buying its products is more likely to choose what is offered by this one brand.

To sum up, regardless of whether the goal is to increase awareness of the brand, create the image of an expert, or improve sales, we can achieve it by responding to the demands of customers by providing them with valuable and substantive content. Despite appearances, content marketing is not for sales. The goal of the texts is to build long-term relationships with the customer, gaining his/her confidence and loyalty, which results in profits in the future. All these factors result not only in the customers coming back to make a purchase, but also in recommending a given company to other people.

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