The most important tool in the copywriter’s job is a word. Writing texts that sell well is the simplest definition of copywriting. This kind of work relies on creating slogans and advertising texts, blog articles, and product descriptions. Are you interested in the job of a copywriter, but you don’t know what studies should the copywriter finish? Here are the tips that will help you choose the right path.

What is most important in a copywriter’s job?

To better understand the specificity of a copywriter’s job it is worth mentioning the French term describing this profession. In this language, it goes concepteur-redacteur, which literally translates into designer-editor. The French term perfectly describes what kind of challenge this job is. A copywriter needs to have many ideas that they can put into words. The topics of created texts concern different areas. When you are a copywriter, one day you describe the advantages and disadvantages of the newest washing machine, and the next day you write an article about organic cosmetics. It might seem impossible, you can’t be a specialist in all areas. This is true, but in the copywriter’s job, the broad knowledge of every subject is not the most important factor. Creativity and the ability to conduct quick research are what matters most.

Studies for a copywriter

What kind of studies should you choose to be a copywriter? The right choice could be Polish or English studies. A copywriter has to create texts that are grammatically and stylistically correct, as well as valuable in terms of content. Considering this, Polish or English studies seem to be the right choice. However, you can learn the rules of writing on your own. It is enough if you like writing and formulating thoughts is easy for you. Thus, it is worth choosing the studies that will help you develop creativity.

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The choice has to be an individual decision based on your passions and preferences. Therefore, if you think that Polish or English studies will help you improve your creative skills, then you should study this course. For people who like writing, journalism can also be a good choice. And if you are interested in the culture and language of some country, it is worth choosing philology. The right choice may also be marketing or public relations. In these courses, you will find out everything about the topics of advertisement and social communication, which is helpful in this profession. You can also choose a course that is completely unrelated to humanities and social sciences. If you are interested in technological topics, choose IT or electronics. You can become a copywriter-freelancer and create expert content on commission. There are many possibilities. The most important is to learn what you like and combine it with a love for writing.


The university course is not an obstacle in the job of a copywriter. In this job, what counts most is creativity that has to be put into the written word. Thus, if you like writing, have many interesting ideas, and you can find information on any subject quickly – copywriting is the job for you. Choose a course that in your opinion will be most helpful in developing your strengths. During your studies try to create as much as you can and gain professional experience. The key to a successful copywriter career is creativity and writing flow. How you will develop those characteristics depends entirely on you.

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