Running your own business entails constant development and advertising of the products or services that you offer. In recent years, e-books have been gaining popularity, and now, they are available in thousands on the market. If you run your own company and have an idea for an e-book… keep on reading!

Why should you write an e-book?

Releasing an e-book needs to be thought through. Among other things, you need to know the goal you want to achieve with the publication and understand your target audience. The fact that your company published an e-book will inspire trust in a potential customer. If a business can product say that it has an expert position in its industry, it speaks to its professionalism. It is a signal for a customer: “they can be trusted; they know what they are doing”.

It is exactly the effect that a company want to achieve by releasing an e-book. The matter of earning from it is secondary. Why? An e-book can be easily replicated and distributed on the Internet. Let it be an advertisement for your company and a base for building your reputation.

About what and for whom to write an e-book?

Defining your target audience should be one of the first steps you take on the way to publishing an e-book. The next would be answering a few questions:

  • What to write about?
  • Who will read my e-book?
  • What value do I want to give?

If you want your e-book to be valuable and substantive, it should solve a problem. You do not have to include groundbreaking and unprecedented knowledge. It is important, though, that it would have its own specified topic and meet the needs of your target group. Even if the knowledge you included in the e-book is available online – your publication still can become a success. If you do not want it to get lost on the Web, just tell people that you are starting to write it and… give them fragments from the text.

By arousing the curiosity of the recipients, you warrant a certain readership.

It is also important to be present on social media and run a newsletter. Through these channels, you will gain readers-customers and promote the e-book.

An e-book for a company – the difficulties with publishing it

In publishing an e-book, you need to take care of the legal side of the project. The matter of copyrights is often the subject of dispute and unnecessary clashes, which you should avoid. In this situation, you would be better off asking for some advice from a lawyer who specializes precisely in copyrights.

Another adversity can come from the vastness of your knowledge which may handicap your attempt to deliver it in an approachable way. Plan out the chapters and what should be included in them in detail – an e-book, like a paper book, must have an organized structure. If you do not have an idea for an e-book – let its subject be something you work with daily: e.g. trading, teaching, nail extension, floristics or cooking. A good e-book is one backed up with knowledge, experience and… storytelling ability.

Storytelling vs. an e-book for a company

The ability to tell stories is possessed by almost everyone. It just has to be awakened and used well. It is an amazingly effective tool for persuasion and sale. All of us practice storytelling from an early age – creating and telling stories is, after all, one of the children’s skills. In the e-book’s narrative, it is important insofar as it engages the reader. You do not have to include any complicated research papers or figures – your recipients will remember the story, a human story based on examples. Stimulation of a customer’s imagination and building specific (and positive) association related to your brand within it – this is your goal.


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