The main job of web content is to encourage the audience to interact – regardless of offered goods. Additionally, it should make a bond between a creator and their audience, build trust, and convince them to visit a page again. Although frequently published texts increase web traffic and obtain new visitors, it takes time to write the good ones. That’s why quality, not quantity should determine your decision of creating the so-called evergreen content.

What does evergreen content mean?

This term is used for the type of texts that are timeless and constantly generate web traffic. Information provided by evergreen content has to be as unchanging as issues it concerns. Such content can be updated or extended from time to time, but its core should stay the same.

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Which content is evergreen?

There are several timeless types of texts, for example, guides. You should ask yourself what handy tips the users may need. To awake users’ interest, you can offer the guide in the shape of an e-book.  One of the evergreen content is the FAQ section. Your potential customers can get easily discouraged by difficulties with finding useful information on a website. The manageable FAQ section means enlarging a group of clients. Yet another timeless content is reviews of products and services, especially those enriched with pictures or films. “Best of” lists can be really popular among users as well, in particular, these about films, classic books, or useful software. Glossaries also are the evergreen content because they consist of unchanging knowledge. You will benefit from creating a specialistic glossary including crucial terms on your business’ website. There’s no such a timeless thing as history, so it’s another example of evergreen content. Business’ transparency is a key to building a company’s trustworthy image. That’s why you will certainly not regret placing a text about your brand’s history on your website.

What content lose popularity fast?

Some texts quickly become out-of-date. This type of content, e.g., news or reportage, increases website traffic for a short time. Breaking news catches people’s attention, but such a situation ends briefly. Texts about fashion and the latest gadgets are not timeless, they are valid as long as not replaced with more recent novelties. That’s why they can’t be considered evergreen.

How to create evergreen content?

First, issues and information you’re interested in, need to be broadly described and come from reliable sources. The text has to be optimal. Keywords are crucial for frequent searching of content, so it’s recommended you put them in the text several times naturally. There’s no point in placing a keyword in an unsuitable phrase. Also, frequent repetitions are harmful to the text’s structure. It’s important to link the products your company offers in the text. But you have to remember to keep a balance between the links and the topic of the text. If you want your text to be perceived by users as evergreen, pay attention to dates. Repeating old dates in the text makes it seem no longer valid. Our copywriting agency offers you evergreen content that never gets out-of-date.

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