Do you dream about a job as a copywriter, but all the information going around discourages you a bit? The following post verifies if everything that you can read or hear is actually true. Here you will find the most popular facts and myths about copywriting. Check them out to see for yourself if this industry is for you.

Copywriting is an easy job – MYTH

“A copywriter just sits in front of a computer and writes texts, a job like that can’t be difficult!” — does it sound familiar? Such a belief is a myth. It also concerns the suggestion that copywriting is not a real job at all, since only a typical physical profession can be called the “real” one. You have to remember that it is a job and it’s needed — for example, due to the constant development of the Internet.

Browsing websites or online shops, you have to be aware that a copywriter is probably responsible for it. Not everyone is good at writing and it is a natural thing. Copywriting is an intellectual job, which can be difficult. It requires constant focus, the ability to do thorough research and verify the information and often a creative approach to the topic. In this profession, we frequently experience smaller or greater issues, such as creating various original overviews about the same product. It is not as easy as it seems.

Everyone can be a copywriter – MYTH

It is not a job for everyone, just like any other job. To become a copywriter one have to possess certain abilities. On our blog there is an entry about this topic, so now we will explain it briefly. Copywriter should:

  • be creative,
  • be able to find necessary and reliable information,
  • be well-organized,
  • remember about deadlines and meet them,
  • know certain fields, i.a SEO and marketing.

Copywriting is not only the creative inspiration – FACT

The person who decides to take up copywriting has to be aware that creative inspiration is not everything. Sometimes it is difficult to get inspired, although creating the text is essential to meet the deadline set by the Customer. It is absolutely natural to feel creative blockage or even reluctance. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the copywriter can indulge in longer breaks from work in that case. You have to be prepared for whether temporary writer’s blockage, problems with an Internet connection, a loud neighbor or a bad mood. It concerns both copywriters having their own businesses and working part-time.

Copywriting is based on manipulation and lies – MYTH

Copywriting is a service just like any other. In WordPassion, we do what clients expect us to do — we write about fixed topics bearing in mind their aim. A Copywriter doesn’t lie when creating the text. They are only trying to make the message appealing and interesting to the readers. A Copywriter is skillfully using proper tools, including the language of benefits. However, it does not boil down to exaggerating advantages and hiding disadvantages. It is not copywriting. As professionals, we try to express what you can earn when deciding on a certain product (or service, it depends on the industry and type of the text). It’s up to you whether you take it or not.

A Copywriter has to know Search Engine Optimization – FACT

There is no doubt that SEO is an important area for the copywriter. The person working in that profession has to know how to create the text in order to help the website occupy a good position in the browser. They should also know that not always they will be given the keywords — sometimes we pick phrases manually if the Client requires it. Nevertheless, it needs to be emphasized that it is not only SEO that matters in copywriting. You have to always remember to create the text mainly for people, not for search engine robots. Because of that, quality and uniqueness are also significant.

Facts and myths about copywriting – what should you remember?

Copywriting is an intellectual work which is entitled to suitable payment. It can bring a lot of pleasure, however everyone has worse days without feeling inspired or with a particularly difficult topic to approach. Our teams consist of copywriters with years of experience that can confirm — this job is not for everyone, but is highly fulfilling. It also allows expanding one’s knowledge in various areas, as we write simultaneously about animals, interior design, medicine, welding technology or the law.

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