Words can be really powerful. They are a base of successful advertising text that might interest your potential customers. However, to succeed, you need to remember a few rules. Check how to write a good advertising text that will become an effective marketing tool.

A customer is a key

While creating a good advertorial, you need to remember that a customer is a key. A product or service, which you describe, needs to meet the client’s expectations and be something that he or she will opt for. It is also good to decide for whom the advertorial will be made, so define precisely your target group. It also requires answers to a few important questions:

  • Who are the receivers of the presented product or service? 
  • What are their needs and how my offer can satisfy them?
  • Why is it worth choosing this specific product or service? 
  • What are the doubts that receivers might have, and how can I dispel them? 
  • What the clients are supposed to do after reading my text?

The base of creating an effective advertorial is precise research. A valuable information source is for example social media, particularly thematic groups and discussions under posts published on the company’s fan page. Moreover, industry reports and online surveys are very useful (you can create one by yourself). The key to success is to know the addressees of your advertising content. You do not need to have a large budget or a team that consists of several members to help. The only two things you need to have are intentions and some free time.

Brevity and simple language

Good advertorials cannot be extensive because the receiver might get bored before reading the last paragraph. That is why brevity is very important, similarly to the usage of simple language. It is worth using a style and expressions that are used by the receivers of advertising content. All the time you need to remember who you write to. The specialist language will discourage the potential customers of your product or service because they will not understand the opportunities that they might get.

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In the case of advertising content, you need to use the rule of the inverted pyramid. It means that the most important information is put at the very beginning, in the introduction. After that, you can present more details and in the end, mention the additional information which is less valuable for the potential customers.

A good advertorial – intriguing, catchy, and unconventional

Advertising content is created based on the language of the benefit. It is a technique that shows the customers what they can gain while deciding to buy a certain product or service. It should be connected with the customers’ interests to ensure them that this is what they need. A product or service should be advertised in such a way that its most important features are connected with its advantages and the major benefits are presented to the customers. The analysis of competition helps with that. It is worth considering: what makes me special among other companies from the industry? Maybe it is a better location? Quick contact? Additional discounts? Selected features need to be strongly pointed out in a text and show the receiver what he or she can miss if they do not use the offer.

Storytelling is another technique that is used more and more often in advertorials. In other words, it is narrative marketing that creates stories about products and services and attracts the customers’ attention, affects their imagination and emotions. Storytelling allows us to build a bond with the customers through an interesting story that will make them laugh, get emotional, and pass valuable knowledge.

Advertising content and SEO

Advertorials cannot exist without properly formulated keywords. It is worth putting them in a title or headings because these are the most important parts of this type of content. Of course, you cannot forget about formatting a text and dividing it into paragraphs to make it more pleasant to read. It is also important to remember that originality is the key, so the content should be unique.

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