A copywriter’s job seems easy – turn on a computer and write a text. However, there are several important stages for content to be created. First, it is necessary to gather information and get to know the topic better. Then, it is time to choose the right key phrases and verify the correctness of the text or its uniqueness. How can we make all this easier for ourselves?

It is beneficial to rely on proven tools for a copywriter. Here are some interesting suggestions; we use them almost daily!


Although we, at WordPassion, have been copywriters for a few years now, we are only human, just like everyone else. Thus, we sometimes make mistakes, for example, when it comes to punctuation. Fortunately, everything can be detected before the finished text is delivered to a client, thanks to LanguageTool!

This multilingual tool allows you to quickly check your spelling, grammar and stylistics. It is user-friendly – paste in the text, and you will see the results after just a moment. The LanguageTool shows you spelling and stylistic errors and also indicates where a missing comma or full stop is. Furthermore, it helps to find misspellings.

Tools for a copywriter to verify plagiarism

Plagiarism is a significant problem in our industry. Not every copywriter deserves to be called a copywriter or content writer – especially when they take too much inspiration from other people’s work and copy it. Of course, this issue does not concern us. At WordPassion, we focus on uniqueness. To confirm this, we scan every text in a particular anti-plagiarism programme that nothing can be hidden from!

There are few tools of this type. Popular ones include:


– Duplichecker,

– Plagiator.

Both free and paid programmes are available online. So everyone will find the right option for them.

Canva – eye-catching graphics for every occasion

Canva is a comprehensive tool that is very helpful when working on our Azjatyckie Języki project. It is an easy-to-use platform for creating simple but effective graphics. What’s important is that it offers an extensive range of options. Canva provides a range of ready-made templates that can be freely edited and customized. This allows you to prepare posts for social media, posters, flyers, presentations, or infographics.

The tool is available in both paid and free versions. You can use it conveniently on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. To start using Canva, all you need to do is create an account.

Keyword searching

Our work is based, to a large extent, on keywords. Searching for them can be significantly more effortless with the right tools. When creating content, we often reach for:

  • Answer the Public,
  • Google keyword planner,
  • KWFinder,
  • Keyword Tool.

Of course, there are many more tools of this kind. Not all are entirely free, so it’s worth taking that into consideration.

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