There is a growing number of freelancers on the market, willing to try their hand and writing skills as a copywriter. For many of them, the beginnings are very difficult, so some give up quickly. However, the more adamant people persistently try to break through the competition. Are you wondering how to stand out from the crowd and be appreciated among clients?

In this article, we will discuss tips that you can follow if you want to earn good money as a copywriter.

Who is a copywriter and what do they do?

A copywriter is a person who writes texts – mainly advertising, promotional, and PR content. A person working in this profession can create catchy slogans or a company name, which is not only a cluster of letters with a free domain but also has a specific meaning and is related to the adopted strategy. A copywriter is a person who prepares, invents, anticipates, and, above all, writes content worth reading. They can communicate with the audience to which they want to convey something. Copywriting offer includes blog articles, expert articles, product descriptions, advertising slogans, posts for social media, and texts for websites.

What skills should a good copywriter have?

Many people believe that anyone can become a copywriter. After all, we all write essays in school. However, the skills acquired while doing homework are not sufficient. If you want to learn your profession well, become a respected copywriter, you have to reckon with a change in your current way of thinking and refine your workshop. In copywriting, it is important to know the formats functioning in the advertising world, such as body copy or tagline. It is also essential to become familiar with the psychology of sales, sociology, and trends in the world of marketing and social media. If you want to become a copywriter, you should know that a knack for writing and grammatical knowledge is not enough. You also need to be familiar with the specifics of the job.

There are many varieties of this profession, so even if you are not a master of witty retorts, you can still be successful by creating guides or product descriptions. One client rarely demands all types of content at the same time. Everyone has a chance to find a customer who will be satisfied with the scope of their offer.

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Copywriter — full-timer or freelancer?

The work of a copywriter working full-time for a company is different from a freelancer who looks for commissions on various websites. A full-time copywriter usually creates content for one or more clients. The cooperation is typically permanent and lasts until the client resigns (which, of course, we do not wish anyone). A full-time job often involves creating content for one brand for many months or even years. Copywriters are often responsible for creating advertising campaigns.

The work of a person who independently searches for commissions on various portals looks differently. There can be long-term cooperation with one client, but more often we are dealing with the volatility of contractors. If a copywriter does not gain regular customers, they will fall out of the market with time.

How to become a copywriter — where to start?

More and more people are wondering how to become a copywriter. Let’s start with the banal issues. You have probably heard or read more than once that all you need is to just start writing. Getting started as a copywriter is difficult. Remember that hard work pays off. You will not earn much money by creating one advertising slogan per month or writing one blog entry. In the beginning, a lot of texts will probably end up in the sock drawer, but thanks to this you will gain more writing skills. These texts will help you reach people who will be eager to read your entries.

Over the past few years, the copywriting industry has loosened up significantly. There are more and more people who want to not only write for the sock drawer. They also to share their content on social media or on their own blog. For many companies, professional education ceases to count. More attention is paid to talent, experience, and passion for writing. Nevertheless, it is worth using the book knowledge or signing up for a copywriting course. This will allow for efficient operation in the industry.

The first commissions are the period of building a portfolio, as well as gaining knowledge about the functioning of the profession and communication with clients. Create a PDF presenting your offer and a price list. Prepare some sample texts. Specialization is an important issue in the copywriter profession. It is worth defining the scope of your activity and the industry in which you want to operate. An analysis of interests and the experience will allow you to decide which market sector is best known to you.

How to find a job or acquire clients as a copywriter with no experience?

If you are looking for employment in an agency, it is best to use portals such as or LinkedIn. There, you will find many offers as a copywriter. When browsing the advertisements, analyze what a given company specializes in and what clients it serves. During the interview, you will be able to prove that you know a bit about the details of a specific industry. This will increase your chances of getting a job. Even a copywriter with no experience can apply for a full-time job. Sometimes their career begins with internships, a lot depends on one’s motivation or the current market situation.

In the case of a freelancer, knowledge of the market and specialization is only half the success. The most important thing is to have the ability to reach the right customers. Effective promotion and sale of your own services is a good way to build financial stability. It is also a chance to give higher rates proportional to the copywriter’s skills.

Where to find freelance jobs?

Commissions for freelance copywriters are posted on portals, as well as groups operating on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many clients are looking for copywriters on websites such as or You can also find a job on Glassdoor, Getwork, and CareerBuilder. When browsing the classifieds, pay attention to the client’s company. Also, remember that many unscrupulous bidders undercut the pay rate significantly, causing exploitation.

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