In recent years, blogs have been gaining popularity, both among individuals who want to share their passions and entrepreneurs. Lately, businessmen more often decide to run a company blog because it is a perfect tool to communicate with the audience, which helps to build the company’s trust and ultimately helps to gain income.

But how should you run a blog like that? In the following text, you will learn what aspects should be taken into account.

Five pillars of a professional blog

Running a professional blog helps reach a wide range of audiences, builds trust with consumers, and increases the chances of acquiring new customers.

Many minor factors contribute to the success of a blog. Among these factors are:

  • Website domain and its name
  • Interesting and valuable content
  • Appearance and functionality
  • Positioning and SEO
  • Regular activity

Website domain and its name

Choosing a domain name and a server where our blog will be created is crucial. The name should be short and easy to remember. Those names that are either too complicated, contain too many words or random numbers decrease chances for visitors to return to our blog. While creating a new company blog, the second important matter is choosing proper hosting – a server where our data and files will be stored. Professional hosting servers are paid. Nevertheless, it is an investment that will pay off in the future.

Interesting and valuable content

Of course,  we should not write just to fulfill our need for expression; publishing content that will be read by no one is a bit pointless. That is why our content should be interesting and attractive for our readers, also be a source of their inspiration and knowledge. The company blog gives us an amazing space to implement content marketing techniques. The published content doesn’t have to be sale content per se, but it should somehow be referred to as our business. For example, if we run a furniture store, instead of only informing about product availability, we can post entries about interior design or the merits of given solutions. An extra advantage of blogging is the possibility of showing the “human side” of our company and what is going on behind the scenes. Through a blog, we can also inform about the company and latest news, plans for the future and our realizations.

 How to run a blog – appearance and functionality

It is advised to take care of our blog’s appearance and functionality. A transparent, polished website that is easy to navigate makes a great first impression, which translates to increasing trust in our company.  A selection of the right background, color scheme, graphics, and fonts are as important as the stylistic and linguistic correctness of the blog.

Positioning and SEO

Another crucial issue that is good to remember is the correct positioning of our blog. By taking into account SEO principles when creating content, we will increase the chances that our blog will appear on the first page in search results. Thus, it will reach a greater number of customers. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of activities both on and off the website that help increase its visibility online. Content that we publish is crucial to positioning; it is more than advised to include the so-called “keywords and phrases”, i.e., phrases that Internet users enter to search for interesting and essential information. To get visible results, it is worth reaching for professional help. SEO content is written by copywriters and content writers working at marketing agencies.

How often should we publish content on our blog?

Last but not least – regular activity. Content should be published at least once a month. Regularly updated content not only helps build bonds with our recipients or potential customers, but also helps to reach higher positions on searching engines. It is because algorithms evaluate active and frequently visited websites as attractive, reliable, and trustworthy. A professionally run blog can become our company showcase, which will encourage customers – both regular and potential ones- to stay for longer. Attractive content helps to build an image of an expert. Moreover, blogs allow interaction with the readers.

We hope this article helped clarify how to run a blog. If you would like to know more about how to run a company blog and what perks you can have, click HERE. You can also use our services – we prepare professional blog content that includes SEO principles.

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