Professional copywriting is crucial for many companies. Nowadays, without good advertising on the Internet and properly-prepared content on the website, it is much more challenging to reach new customers and increase profit. How to establish cooperation with a freelancer, or maybe a copywriting agency would be a better idea? What to choose to be satisfied with the results of the cooperation? We decided to share our experience and present the most important issues that cannot be omitted while working together.

Choosing the right copywriter

The first step towards good cooperation is to find the right person or company to prepare the content. How to do that? Most users use the Internet for this purpose and enter, for example, the phrase “copywriter Rzeszów” into the search engine, and then check the first dozen or so results. Ads appear at the very top of the page, and they are marked accordingly. Entering an inquiry with a name of a given city does not mean that we will find a company that has its residence there. In the case of cooperation with a copywriter, the place doesn’t matter that much. We, as WordPassion, provide services to clients from different cities. Most of our cooperation is remote, so nothing limits us in our actions.

Do you have to be afraid of online collaboration? Some people are probably a little afraid of it and that’s why they want the copywriter to come from the same city and be able to meet with them. But let’s remember that nowadays there are many ways to communicate, from phone calls to email correspondence and live meetings on the Internet. There is no need to organize a traditional meeting to establish the rules of cooperation.

How to recognize a good copywriting agency or freelancer? It is certainly worth paying attention to the website and its content. If the website is carefully made and there are no errors on it, it is the first sign that you are dealing with the professionals. It is also worth checking the previous realizations. On the WordPassion website, you can find our portfolio, if necessary we also send sample texts by email, on request.

There is also a question: what to choose – a freelancer or a copywriting agency? The advantage of cooperating with a company of at least several people is that they can complete even a large commission in a shorter time. The agency also employs people with different education and knowledge, who can be assigned to a given commission and use their experience.


A brief is something a copywriter can’t start working without. It is even necessary for the commission’s valuation, so special attention should be paid to its preparation. The concept of a brief is understood as a request for proposal (RFP), which contains key information about a given commission. The information in particular concerns the type of text, target group, form, and length (most often the number of characters with spaces is given). A brief is a set of expectations that the person responsible for creating the text should meet in order to ensure successful cooperation. If the text is about the products/services, the brief should contain the most important information on this subject or a link at which you can find it. Often the form of approaching the recipient of the text is troublesome, some prefer to use direct words in the text, e.g. “you”, others prefer a more formal style of writing, and sometimes there is a request to make the text impersonal. If you are the ordering party, and you know what you certainly do not want in the text, it is essential to write about it. Some people do not like using certain words or phrases.

Effective communication

The key issue is efficient contact, which underlines the employers and the people who create the texts. Every professional copywriting agency offers the possibility to contact in different ways: by phone, email, or through the contact form. In WordPassion we try to reply to emails as soon as possible. On working days we respond to inquiries and prepare RFP usually in less than 24 hours. Efficient contact is also important at the stage of realization of the commission, because both parties may have some doubts that need to be clarified. If, as a party ordering or a copywriter, you are planning to be out of the office / on vacation at a certain time, inform the people you work with in advance. Regardless of which side of the order you are, you should make sure to respond to the messages as quickly as possible. Remember that you share the same goal with the other party.

Financial matters are also important for both parties. The clients very often want to find the person who will write the necessary texts for the smallest possible payment. However, it cannot be expected that the texts for a few zloty per 1000 characters with spaces will be of top quality. The price of the copywriting services is different and depends on many factors. The product descriptions are cheaper than blog posts or expert texts. The freelancers and copywriting agencies that have their websites often decide to place a price list on them. It is usually illustrative because without knowing the details of the order it is difficult to indicate the price.


When deciding to cooperate, it is worth finding out whether the copywriter offers settlement in the form of a VAT invoice. An order can also be carried out based on a contract to perform a specified task, although this is a slightly less common form, as can be seen, for example, in the copywriter groups, where clients search for people to write texts.

There is nothing strange about the fact that before undertaking an order, a copywriting agency or freelancer will ask for an advance payment. This is a standard procedure to protect the interests of the party. It is also important to write a contract which will be proof of cooperation. The document must contain details of the order.

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