We are launching a series of copywriter’s guides, which will concern the creation of various types of content for websites and more. We will start with a product description, which many people think is the easiest text to prepare. However, experience told us that creating it is not as easy as we tend to think. How to write a good product description? What should it contain? Does the quality of the text translate into the interest of potential customers? You will learn all about it from our article.

What should a product description contain?

Without a doubt, we can say that the most important thing when creating a product description is what information should be included in it. The text should cover all important features, i.e. measurements, technical parameters (in case of various types of devices), design, and possibilities of application.

How to write a good product description?

A good product description varies primarily on the type of product offered. If we have a frying pan to describe, first, we designate its diameter, material of manufacture, we determine what type of cookers it is intended for, we specify the care method. The text should also include the advantages of the pan, which can be a heat indicator, thick bottom, or a special non-stick coating. It is different in the case of various types of appliances because, in addition to technical parameters, we should also include precise information about the technologies used and explain in detail what they are. Let us remember that the name of the technology alone will not be comprehensible to everyone.

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Important tip:

You cannot exaggerate with the amount of information, because the more pieces of it, the greater the chance that the customer will not want to take the time to read through everything carefully, will skip the most important feature, and ultimately refrain from purchase. While creating a description, one should not forget to place a product picture next to the text.

What should the product description contain?

  • physical parameters
  • technical characteristics including the technologies involved
  • means of the use 
  • benefits of the purchase

What to pay attention to when writing a product description?

How to describe a specific product to arouse the interest of other people? A good solution is to follow these rules.

  • Specify the audience.

This is where preparations for composing the text should start. Depending on age or preferences, the recipients favor a different style of writing. If the product is aimed at teenagers, short sentences using words that are popular among youth are more likely to attract their attention. If there is something that everyone potentially needs, choose a simple style of expression. Let’s try to avoid gentleman-type courtesy phrases that increase the distance in the Seller – Customer relationship.

  • Find out what product you want to sell.

The creation of descriptions can apply to both products that have been available in the shops for a long time and the new ones. Copywriters usually deal with the first group, which makes work, on the one hand, easier, but on the other not so. If we need to create descriptions of various popular devices for a newly established electronic equipment shop, we should follow the content provided by the manufacturers. Such information is the most reliable and can be found on the website of a given brand. Copying descriptions is prohibited by law, and what is more, duplication of the same content is less compelling.

If we prepare a description for a customer creating their products, we must ask them for all the pieces of important information and include them in the text. Usually, a brief is created, i.e., a short message that takes into account the customer’s expectations towards the contractor.

  • Not only give the general characteristics but also focus on the benefits of the purchase.

Are you wondering how to describe a product on Allegro, or do you have the task of creating product descriptions for an online shop? You need to remember to include in the content not only the characteristics, i.e., parameters, appearance, and application but also focus on what the customer can gain by buying a given item. For example, investing in a bicycle is an opportunity to save money on transport, to take better care of health and gain an interesting way to spend your free time.

  • Optimize the text in terms of SEO.

In the era of Internet development and marketing activities, it is extremely important to optimize the text for the search engine. How to create product descriptions for SEO? First, it is necessary to define the keywords, i.e., phrases typed most frequently by the Internet users when searching for a given type of product. Then they just have to be incorporated into the text in a skillful way so that they do not negatively affect the perception of it and align with the description.

  • Make sure that your text looks nice, i.e., that it is properly formatted.

Some people think that in the product description only the content matters, although this is not entirely true. Even if the text contains all the necessary information but is not properly formatted (e.g., a string of words, without any paragraphs or distinctions), reading it will be tiring. Many people will decide to close the page to look for information somewhere else.

  • Write in a simple and understandable way.

Last, but not least, is the way you write. It is recommended that you avoid difficult words that not everyone can understand. If it is necessary to use them, it is worth explaining what they mean in a simple and concise way.

Good product description – example

Wireless headphones JBL T460BT

Would you like the good sound quality and comfort of use? Choose the JBL T460BT wireless on-ear headphones designed especially for demanding users. You can connect them to your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. Setup is easy and takes just a moment.

So why choose JBL T460BT wireless headphones?

Good sound quality

The sound of JBL Pure Bass is clear, so you will be able to catch every sound, even the lowest one, of a song. It is pleasant with deep and resonant bass. Whether you want to listen to relaxing or rock music, these headphones should satisfy you.

Efficient battery

The device has a built-in efficient battery that guarantees up to 11 hours of operation. You can be sure that the headphones will accompany you all day long.

Comfort of use

The music player can easily be controlled by the buttons on the case. The model has a built-in microphone, which means you can make calls without reaching for the phone. The material that sticks directly to your ears is soft and adapts to their shape.

Folding and lightweight construction

These good wireless headphones are lightweight and comfortable. They can be easily folded and therefore take up less space in your purse. The case is durable and keeps its impeccable look for a long time.

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