Japanese is not English, German or French, the languages studied in schools, but it is no less important. It is, of course, more exotic, but it is still worth learning. Why is the ONLINE Japanese course the right choice?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Japanese course:

  1. If you want to work for a Japanese company, English is not enough, especially in Japan. Anyone who wants to work in the Land of the Rising Sun must know Japanese. Some companies require employees to pass special exams – such as JLPT. Of course, there are also companies that accept people without language skills, but usually, a language course is included in the pay package.
  2. You will finally understand your favorite manga… and anime of course.
  3. Japanese films are fantastic – ‘Okuribito’ or ‘Dare mo shiranai’ – we recommend them especially in the original language version.
  4. Japanese culture – I think I don’t have to say anything else. It is picturesque, interesting, and different from ours. 
  5. Japanese is a beautiful language – kanji, interesting grammar, and many other additions. Learning Japanese is easy for some people because it has only two tenses.
  6. Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world.
  7. It is nice to know a language other than English, German, or Russian, right?
  8. You can show your skills off – who doesn’t like to stand out?
  9. Japan is beautiful, and a trip to Japan without knowing the Japanese language is not the same thing.
  10. Sushi in Japan is delicious and cheaper than in Europe.
  11. You think that English is the language of people all over the world – theoretically yes, but on the Japanese street you will meet a lot of people who do not speak English or speak so unintelligibly that it is hard to understand.
  12. The world is changing, it’s worth thinking outside the box. Yes, English will certainly be useful at work, but if you combine it with Japanese, you will be more interesting for a potential employer.

Classes with passion

And there is also me – a teacher with a calling. I like to teach, but I’m not a teacher-tormentor ☺ Learning characters, grammar, and vocabulary is complemented by interesting facts about Japan. Besides, I have a lot of experience, also in teaching groups.

The ONLINE Japanese course is individual, in pairs, or perhaps in groups. The choice is vast.  Write: biuro@wordpassion.pl

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