The Korean language is in the top three of the most frequently chosen Asian languages to learn. To take this step we are many times pushed by the occupation necessity, sometimes by curiosity, and in other cases – hobbies. Each of these reasons is equally good. There is also a group of people who are afraid or feel an inner resistance to take this first step towards learning.

Strange pronunciation, the writing system that is completely different from ours, unnatural sentence structure. However, fear makes things look twice as bad as they actually are, but learning Korean can be a very pleasant and flourishing experience. If you have any doubts, whether it is worth taking a Korean language course, we encourage you to continue reading.

Why should you choose Korean language course?

1. Korean is used by over 77 million people around the world.

2. Contrary to popular belief about Asian languages, Korean is not that difficult and has a very simple alphabet.

3. South Korea is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, ranking in 26th place in terms of GDP and HDI.

4. While studying the language, you also learn about the colorful and engaging culture of South Korea. You get to know how everyday life looks for Koreans, as well as learn about the country’s history.

5. After completing your degree in Korean studies, you can find employment at an embassy, translation, marketing, business, technology, media, or a company that works with the Korean market among many others.

6. With proficiency in Korean and additional foreign languages, you can find employment in South Korea itself.

7. If you enjoy Korean dramas, you will appreciate them, even more, when you will be able to pick up on all the language nuances!

8. Learning Korean is an amazing opportunity for a K-pop fan as well! Korean idols rarely speak English, so the possibility to communicate in Korean gives you one in a million chances of talking to them at a fan meeting.

9. If you have a hard time memorizing lots of characters or don’t like learning them – it is not a problem! The Korean alphabet consists of only several dozen letters which are based on a circle and a dash.

10. Korean is not a tonal language, as opposed to Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai.

11. Learning and teaching Korean is a great opportunity to make plenty of new fantastic friendships.

12. Koreans enjoy learning Polish and some of them even compare South Korea to Poland in some historical aspects.

13. South Korea is a unique and beautiful country which is visited by lots of tourists every year, who are thirst for Korean landscapes and cuisine. Unfortunately, English is not common there and not everyone can speak it. That is why with the knowledge of Korean you will find a visit to this country so much more satisfying and a language course will help you with that.

We offer Korean language courses in which you can study individually or in a group!

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