We hold classes on the Zoom platform that allows us to create a virtual classroom of up to 100 people without losing the audio-visual quality. The classes are convenient and accessible for everyone interested, regardless of the place of living. You do not have to waste time commuting. Take a mug of your favorite tea, sit down comfortably, and study with us!

In Rzeszow

We hold remote classes in Drabinianka, Rzeszow. We conduct individual or group classes for up to five people in a classroom. If you prefer direct meetings, and you live in Rzeszow, we invite you to join our course in a classroom. You will have a chance to meet other people who are also passionate about learning foreign languages.

What languages do we teach?



is an agglutinative language isolate. The language uses a writing system that consists of four elements: kanji, katakana, hiragana, rōmaji.

The Japanese language is used by 130 million people around the world. The language has two tenses, no declension, and noun gender. However, it has numerous grammatical constructions as well as verb and adjective conjugation. Japanese is called the polite language, but there is also a colloquial version – the easy one. 60% of Japanese vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese, however, those words are less and less popular, replaced by gairagio 外来語 – borrowing from English, Spanish, and other languages.

Japanese language course – why is it worth it?



is an isolating language without verb and adjective conjugation. There are grammatical structures that enable sentence building.

The Vietnamese language has no declension. As a result, the grammar is very simple. Is there anything difficult about this language? Yes, the pronunciation – six tones. We can differentiate three basic Vietnamese dialects – southern, central, and northern. You can learn with us the northern dialect, which is considered official, taught in schools, and used by the television. The Vietnamese language is written by using Quốc ngữ, an expanded version of the Latin alphabet. This language is spoken by around 80 million people.

Vietnamese language coursewhy is it worth it?



is an isolating language. Individual words influence the meaning. The grammar is very simple, there is no verb conjugation.

If grammar was the biggest challenge for you while learning any foreign language, then the Thai language would be perfect for you. What is difficult about learning Thai? It is a tonal language consisting of five tones. The Thai script is considered to be one of the most difficult ones in the world. It is not the number of characters that appears to be a problem, Thai doesn’t have that many letters; however, its rules and numerous exceptions do pose a challenge. The Thai language is spoken by 50 million people around the world.

Thai language coursewhy is it worth it?



is an isolating language that belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. By saying “Chinese” we refer to standard Mandarin.

Chinese is an official language of the PRC. More than 840 million people use Mandarin as their first language, whereas more than 30 million people have already mastered or started learning the language. Altogether, more than 1,4 billion people speak various dialects of Chinese. This is the language of business that is becoming more and more popular in different parts of the world. The grammar doesn’t appear to be difficult, but due to four tones, the pronunciation might be a problem. The Chinese script consists of ideograms and as a result, Chinese has been labeled the most difficult language in the world. 

Chinese language course why is it worth it?



is an agglutinative language isolate. The writing system consists of adopted Chinese characters and Korean script – Hangul.

Korean is an official language in South and North Korea and about 77 million people speak this language. Hangul is a syllable-phonetic alphabet, which was created in the 15th century. The alphabet is an indigenous writing system that has not evolved from Chinese characters. Even though Koreans created their original writing system, they have not fully eliminated Chinese ideograms (hancha) and still use them to some extent. Korean, similarly to Japanese, is a polite language with many honorific forms. If you like K-pop, Korean drama etc., this language could be the best choice. Try to learn Korean with us!

Korean language course why is it worth it?

Individual and group programs


Are you an individualist who values working at your own pace? The individual course is a good choice that allows you to choose the form and time of the classes that will meet your needs. You do not have to adjust to any group, you can study independently. If you have a fixed goal (e.g., the planned business trip soon), this type of class will be the most effective for you.


This is an offer for friends, couples, or two acquaintances who want to study a language in a pair. This option allows to reduce an individual course costs and enables adjusting the meetings to your needs. You can set the time and day of our meetings. If one of you cannot come to classes, you can always cancel the meeting. Studying in a pair is highly effective and convenient.

Groups of three or five people

We teach groups both remotely and online. We form groups based on age and interests of the participants. Not only will you gain a broad knowledge of the language, but you will also have many opportunities to speak and practice your Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai. You can enter the course together with a group of friends or call us and join such a course individually.

For companies

We conduct remote learning for up to 100 people in Rzeszow, Krakow, Lublin, Katowice, Kielce, or ONLINE classes. This option is an excellent choice for companies that either want to prepare their employees for the challenges connected with operating in the Asian market or need support in daily work.

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Why is it worth choosing the WordPassion courses?


We have years of experience in teaching foreign languages. With our help, you will quickly learn how to speak fluently in a foreign language of your choice.


Years of academic studying and self-education allowed us to gain knowledge not only on languages but also on Asian countries, their culture, art, and history.


We provide the students with access to materials needed in class. You do not have to spend a lot of money on textbooks – education materials are included in the price of the course.

Interesting classes

You will not get bored with us. Apart from teaching grammar and vocabulary, we frequently cover various cultural aspects.

Passion for languages

We are passionate about foreign languages and teaching them, which is reflected in our classes. You will fall in love with Asian languages, just like us.