With the development of the Internet, new opportunities have emerged, including online self-development. Learning language online is just one of the options, but interesting.

There is an opportunity to learn, there is an interest, but there is also this BUT. The callers are asking me: what do these lessons look like? Does it make sense? On Skype? Often clients doubt whether it will work, how to learn online, after all only face to face lessons make any sense. Unfortunately, they are very wrong, and I strongly encourage everyone to learn foreign languages online. Why?

Advantages of online learning

  1. In small towns and even slightly larger ones, there is a shortage of teachers of oriental languages, which I teach. Children, teenagers, and adults want to learn Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai, but they have nowhere to go. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up learning a foreign language altogether – the answer, of course, is online learning.
  2. You don’t have to leave the house – during the year, each of us spends many hours commuting to school or work. When we think about attending language lessons, which usually take place in the evenings, what very often springs to our mind is long commuting and long return. In the case of online lessons, you can sit in front of the computer in the morning, still in your pajamas or in the evening drinking your favorite tea. No commuting and no wasting time.
  3. You adjust your classes to your schedule. You don’t have any imposed dates.
  4. You don’t lose your lessons. On Skype, in a virtual classroom, or on the phone, the lessons are held individually. If you can’t attend them, just change the date of the lesson, and you won’t lose anything.
  5. You don’t have to give up lessons when you go on a scholarship, work abroad, or you feel under the weather and don’t want to infect your teacher.
  6. All materials are provided in electronic form, you can print them or have them on your computer, so you don’t need additional books to learn.
  7. You focus on the aspect of a language that is the most important to you. Many people choose a general language course that focuses on many aspects, but when you go on a holiday or business trip, spoken language is more important to you.
  8. You can decide which topic you would like to discuss in your class. In my work, I meet people who, in addition to learning the basics, want to acquire language knowledge from specific business areas, sometimes fashion or cosmetics.
  9. Not everyone likes group activities, especially when the age gap between students is too big, and they have a different approach to learning. No one, except the teacher, will judge your progress. I know from experience that for many people this is very important. For some, it is stressful to have to say something in another language in front of other people.
  10. Faster and more effective learning. If you are looking for quick results because you are going to Thailand, Vietnam, or Japan in a month, an individual course is the best option. The focus is on you and your needs.

Start today

Learning Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai online is real and at your fingertips. I hope that my text has convinced you that it is worth it. This is not an academic class where you listen to my recordings and have to perform tasks. During the classes you have real contact with me, you can ask questions and develop your language. In my work, I met many people who said that lessons through Zoom are not for them, but I showed them that it is worth it. It’s a very convenient solution!

I also invite you to learn Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai online. You can read more about the courses – here.


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