When asked about the most popular app right now, many people would point to TikTok with no hesitation. Even though the platform is mostly associated with young influencers, more and more often various types of companies start to create accounts. For businesses, TikTok may prove to be an additional advertising tool. Let’s check if TikTok marketing makes sense!

What is TikTok?

Let’s start with the basics – the explanation of what TikTok actually is. It’s a mobile app created by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2016. It’s available in several dozen languages and compatible with popular operating systems. What is TikTok all about? In short, it’s about posting videos. In order to attract viewers, it’s possible to add text, background music or filters and many other elements to those videos.

According to statistics, TikTok is getting more and more attention all over the world. In 2020, TikTok was the most often downloaded app, so it managed to overtake Facebook. It’s estimated that around 98 million people use TikTok in Europe.

The most typical content posted on TikTok includes:

  • tutorials
  • lip-sync
  • streams
  • stand-ups

Why marketing on TikTok is definitely worth a try?

One of the most significant arguments for starting marketing on TikTok is its vast number of users. By publishing content on TikTok, you may easily reach a large audience, or simply, potential clients. It’s worth emphasizing that, against the common perception, TikTok is not used only by people in the age between 13 and 18. More than half of TikTok’s users are adults.

For many companies, entering TikTok may turn out to be a true revolution. Of course, familiarizing with and mastering the platform’s specifications is needed; however, this endeavor may pay off. In comparison to, for example, Facebook or Instagram, many businesses still don’t operate on TikTok, so it’s a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and make use of the application’s potential. Moreover, the company may prove that it’s up-to-date and follows current trends, which often also matters, especially in the case of young people, who need to be won over.

It is significant that the company which operates on TikTok increases brand awareness and creates a positive image. It may easily reach younger generations, and, at the same time, present itself from a less formal side.

How to use TikTok to achieve success?

If you want to effectively coordinate your marketing activities on TikTok, you have to keep a few important issues in mind. Choosing appropriate content is the most crucial of all. Although the app is associated by many with funny videos, this state of things has already changed. There is a lot of substantive content on TikTok, providing guidance and explanations. On that note, a lot depends on the type of industry in which a company operates. It’s worth checking and making use of the current trends, such as various types of challenges, popular hashtags or songs. Regularity and devotion are a must. It’s worthwhile to plan the publication of a new material carefully and ensure it appears regularly. Spending time following users’ activity, responding to comments etc. are also necessary activities.

Besides running a TikTok account, it’s crucial to implement additional activities. TikTok, similarly to other social networks, provides an opportunity to run paid advertising campaigns. Truth be told, TikTok offers a bit smaller range of options in comparison to other social media, however, they may still be used effectively.

The following options are available:

  1. Advertisement in a tab “For You” – videos which last from 10 to 15 seconds. It’s possible to add a relevant CTA to them.
  2. Branded Effect – an option known from, for example, Snapchat, which enables designing stickers, filters or lenses to stimulate interaction with the company through fun.
  3. Brand Takeover – a format characteristic of TikTok which allows companies to takeover regional applications for one day to create ads.
  4. Branded Hashtag Challenge – in other words, challenges connected with hashtags which encourage the platform’s users to create content related to the company. This option provides not only paid but also organic reach.

It’s worth remembering that TikTok is a dynamic platform. In order to achieve success, the audience’s attention should be attracted within seconds. A profile has to be run consistently, accordingly to the adopted strategy.


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