Just setting up a website is not enough for our company to gain more customers and be successful in the industry – even if the website is refined to the smallest details. We must also promote it properly. How to do that? In this text, you will find a lot of useful advice, thanks to which you will learn how you should organize the online business promotion. We have described not only the paid but also the free tools that may come in handy.

The power of social media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are excellent marketing tools that can be used in many ways. When you have your profile on these platforms, you gain the opportunity to establish and maintain close relationships with current and potential customers, as well as build a positive image.

The most popular social media platforms

What kind of social media we will operate on depends on what exactly do we do. The most popular portal is of course Facebook, mainly because of its versatility. Besides, it is difficult to find a person who does not have an account on this platform or has not heard about it. However, it is worth considering setting up an account on other social media. Instagram or Pinterest are platforms on which mainly photos and graphics are published. However, this does not mean that only companies from the photographic or fashion industry can set up accounts on them. In fact, anyone can be found on such social media. If you have ideas for interesting and attractive content – get started.

Linkedin and Goldenline – are they worth it?

Linkedin and Goldenline are also a part of social media. They are portals used primarily to search for new employees and employers. You can also regularly publish interesting posts about your c+3ompany, its development, and actions taken. Such activity makes us gain a more professional image. Apart from that, what other users of these platforms publish can become an inspiration for us to continue working on our own business.

Running a fan page on Facebook and other portals is free of charge. If necessary, you can also use paid advertisements. It is worth remembering that activities conducted in social media are long-term. So you have to be patient to notice their effects. However, this is one of the most effective methods of online business promotion and website itself.

Start your own blog

Having a website, you have to remember about its regular expansion. This task will be much easier if we set up a company blog. Without it, after some time you will run out of ideas for continuous extensions of subpages. A blog is another great form of advertising your business. You can also establish a relationship with clients, encourage them to write comments, and visit the site regularly. What should the articles be about? It largely depends on the company profile. On the WordPassion blog, we publish, among others, texts on translation and language learning. There are also entries concerning broadly understood Internet marketing and copywriting – because this is what we do. Therefore, the subject of the articles needs to be individually adjusted to the industry, but it should not be too difficult.

Blog – do you need it for online business promotion

A company that regularly blogs has a chance to be quickly recognized by its clients as an expert in its field. Posts must be published systematically, for example, once a week or every month. The texts must be written correctly from a linguistic and stylistic point of view and must be accompanied by an interesting photo or graphic. It will make the whole thing look more attractive. When creating content for the blog, you have to remember the basic rules of SEO (an explanation of the abbreviation can be found in our glossary). However, it is worth bearing in mind that the text is addressed to people, not search engines.

At first, the blog is unlikely to be popular – the benefits of running it can be seen only after about six months. If you have trouble writing a good-quality text for your blog, you can contact us for help. We write both simple back-end texts and more extensive tutorials or specialist articles.

Do you know Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a paid tool, which often significantly increases website traffic. It is a different kind of sponsored links, which are displayed in the Google search engine after entering a specific phrase. Depending on how popular the selected keywords assigned to our site are, for one click on the link we pay a fee ranging from a few dozen grosz to several złoty. Google AdWords is a campaign that must be properly planned. First of all, you need to establish a daily budget, for example, 30 PLN, so that Google can charge for the clicks.

Can such action bring benefits to the company and its website? If we set up the advertisement well (choose the right keywords, determine the optimal budget, etc.), we can count on several dozen, sometimes even several hundred hits a day. Google AdWords is a solution addressed mainly to those companies that quickly want to achieve a high position in the search engine. When we resign from the campaign and do not pay for it, our website stops being displayed at the top of the search results.


Mailing, or sending newsletters, has great potential. The key here is to create a message content that will arouse the interest of recipients. Otherwise, the mail will quickly go into the bin and will not even be opened. Regularity is important in the mailing. In order to maintain the relationship with the customers, we should send messages e.g. every two weeks, twice a month, or at another fixed frequency. E-mails should not be sent too often, but also too rarely, because then the recipients will forget about us. What can be included in the message? Usually, it is information about new products and upcoming online business promotion. In the message, we can also inform about a new article on the blog or mention what is currently happening in the company.

No matter to whom we send emails, we should also take care of our signature – it should match the profile of the company. You should pay attention to the font as well as the colors, information (name, position, contact details, etc.), and logo in the signature.

Company website – what additional activities can help it?

We described the basic tools for promoting the company’s website. If we have enough time and willingness, we can also think about additional activities, such as adding comments on blogs with the same or similar topics. It is not about pushing people to visit your website. The comments we publish must be about the topic and bring something new to the discussion. We can place a link to our website. However, it must be done in such a way that the author of the blog does not consider it mere spam, because our comment will be rejected.

Guest entries

An interesting way to promote your company’s website for free is to publish the so-called guest entries. After finding a page related in any way to our industry, we can propose to publish a text that will promote the company or simply include a link to our site. In this way, we can reach more people and broaden the circle of our potential clients.

Check online forums

Since most of us ask for a recommendation before buying a particular product or service, it is worth visiting the discussion forums about our industry regularly. If we answer other users’ questions, give advice and dispel their doubts, we will become an expert on the subject and become more credible. In the forum signature, it is worth putting a link to your website. It will not only increase traffic but will also positively affect the positioning of the website in Google.

Let’s not forget about creating your business card in the company catalogs. Often this service is free of charge. We can also buy a special package, which allows us to expand our profile in the database, for example, by adding more photos or bookmarks. The business card must contain not only basic information (company name, address, contact details) but also meta tags, i.e., HTML tags informing the search engine robots about the content of the subpage. The business card strengthens SEO activities and can help to gain new customers.

There are many ways to promote your company’s website. The one we decide on depends largely on the industry and type of services or products we offer. Every form of advertising can turn out to be good and effective – however, we must control whether the actions taken bring the expected results. If so, it is worth staying with them and e.g., increase the budget allocated for them.

Do you know any other forms of advertising on the company’s website that we have not mentioned? Be sure to write about it. Perhaps you already have experience with the tools of online business promotion described above? We would be happy to hear your opinion on their effectiveness.

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