A tool called Google My Business is a perfect option for local businesses. A Business Profile created with the aid of this service may contribute to an increase in search results and to reaching new clients. But how to optimize the data so that a business could benefit from that?

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS – a free Business Profile

Internet users often face the challenge of searching the net to find the particular place to buy a product or be provided with a service. For that reason, every entrepreneur should care about their business showing up as one of the first search engine results. Google My Business, which is a free platform to create Business Profiles, comes to the rescue. The service is aimed at all companies, but it is the owners of local businesses who should pay special attention to it.

Filling in a Business Profile on Google alone doesn’t guarantee that it will be visible for users immediately. An algorithm, based on which search results are selected, presents itself as follows:

  1. Accuracy – the analysis of a prepared Business Profile regarding an answer to a user’s question;
  2. Distance – analysing how far away from a place of business a potential client is located (if location tracking is turned off, the last search engine result counts);
  3. Popularity – based on information flowing on the net (links, articles) on how popular a business is.

Optimization of a Business Profile on Google may partially help with fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions. Therefore, while filling in columns, it is good to take into consideration some issues.

Optimization of a Business Profile on Google – basic information is the key to success

Filling in the basic data of a company is the factor that significantly influences search results. They must be updated and compatible with a real state of affairs, not to mislead potential clients. It is worth remembering that all the data included in a Business Profile on Google should be the same as what is set on a business website. Coherence of information found on the net about a particular business will help with search engine optimization (SEO) even more.

Basic data:

  • a name – it may be modified in any way
  • an address
  • opening hours
  • a phone number
  • a website address
  • accepted payment options

What category matches your company?

The main category is another crucial ranking factor. Matching a proper line of business to a Business Profile influences the keywords the Profile will be connected to. Therefore, before filling in this information on a Google My Business account, it is good to do thorough research on the competition. This way, you can discover how local businesses offering similar services managed to optimize this element. Apart from the main category, there is also an option of adding subcategories. It is particularly useful for these companies which offer different kinds of services (such as our agency).

Optimization of a Business Profile on Google – are photos important?

Enriching a Business Profile with photos will not only bring new clients in, but also enhance brand reliability. It is a section in which you can add a logo of a company and photos of a building (both outside and inside). You can add products offered, or at least a team of employees. Good quality and the same size of photos is especially important – such efforts increase the level of professionalism. You may also invest in another element of optimization, which is the option of a virtual walk through a building.

Clients’ feedback – quality comes first

People often rely on one another’s recommendations. This means that positive reviews may be a much more effective form of promotion than a paid advertisement. The more positive comments are added to Google Maps, the more clients can trust a particular company. Model feedback that improves a ranking should consist of approximately 200 characters, include keywords, a name of a city and photos. However, not always numerous comments transfer to an average mark. Therefore, a high number of stars accompanying a smaller number of posts will influence the order of search results more than hundreds of diverse opinions. However, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, you should focus on replying to every comment. Such interactions will be beneficial to a business image. They will contribute to the development of a strong business relationship with clients.

Taking all tips concerning optimization of a Business Profile on Google together, you can achieve impressive results at a relatively low cost. A correctly filled Profile will not only improve SEO, but may also lead to improved site traffic and create a positive image.

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