When writing various types of texts, we use ready-made publications. Based on appropriately selected sources, you can make high-quality text, also an expert one. However, the question arises: where is the line between taking advantage of someone else’s work and plagiarism? What exactly is plagiarism, and how to avoid it?

Plagiarism as a threat to the professionals

It is worth knowing that somebody’s work, i.e. an Internet text, does not have to be completed or signed by its author to be protected by copyright. Each and every action of copying ready-made phrases, sentences, fragments of texts and presenting them as your own is plagiarism. It is also called the so-called intellectual theft. Of course, such conduct carries criminal liability. However, we should beware of plagiarism not only because of these consequences.

WordPassion – Copywriting Agency

Any self-valuing writer or company that offers text writing services, whether copywriting or not, knows that it will not be viewed as professional when appropriating someone else’s work. It doesn’t sound honest, especially in business. At the same time, all search engines based on algorithms do not tolerate copied content. The effects of positioning are then not as expected. There are some situations where we do not even know that someone else had written down the same idea in a very similar form. Therefore, to deserve the title of a professional, it is good to learn about some methods. They will effectively help you avoid unpleasant situations.

How to avoid plagiarism?

When writing different types of texts, a common procedure is to skillfully transform the order of a sentence or change selected words to their synonyms. Unfortunately, this is an outdated method for which a solution has already been found. Most anti-plagiarism programs that offer accurate text checking are programmed to detect similar actions. Some are even able to analyze a given article in terms of meaning.

The easiest way to avoid plagiarism is simply honest work and finding a proven anti-plagiarism program. Our company has done it a long time ago. We check every text before sending it to the clients. Despite huge competition in the copywriting industry, we believe that an original approach will always be valued. That attracts attention and is remembered by the recipient. What’s more, it builds the image of a company as a competent one, with which cooperation will be pure pleasure. If the problem on your website, blog, etc., is plagiarism, we will help you prepare unique content.

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