Working from home is common these days. In the era of a pandemic, the number of people who perform work duties from home has increased significantly. This situation has both its supporters and opponents.

Supporters point to flexible working hours as an advantage of remote work. Opponents complain about the lack of control over time, lack of focus, disorganization of work and family life. For employees accustomed to the on-site mode, the new conditions can be a big challenge. The question is whether remote work is right for you.

Type of profession

Of course, due to the nature of their work, not everyone can do it from home. For example, medical services and doctors belong to this group. Doctors can indeed give medical advice via phone, but this does not replace personal contact with the patient. Despite the popularity of online sales, not everything can be bought online, and as a result, salespeople cannot always work from home either. People who find themselves working remotely include graphic designers, journalists, IT specialists, and translators. Creative and freelance workers are likely to adapt faster to digital reality.

Equipment and living conditions

Not every employer provides the equipment that remote work requires. If we do not have the right tools, it will be difficult for us to perform our duties efficiently and effectively. Many people will also not be able to afford better equipment. If your employer does not provide you with business equipment, it is worth taking a critical look at your home environment. If your laptop or phone is not working properly and the network connection is poor, you might not want to opt for this solution. A suitable place to work is equally important. It should be a comfortable chair, a desk of an appropriate height, preferably with lighting. By organizing the right space, you take care of your spine and eyesight.

Remote work vs. self-discipline

Constantly being at home, lacking the direct supervision of a boss, and time pressure can make you lazy. Many people put off tasks, which often involves working until the evening. The most important thing is to develop a daily schedule and stick to the tasks you set. Organization and consistency are two key qualities a remote worker should have. You should set priorities and the time needed to complete them. In a way, you have to become your supervisor. Try not to be distracted by other household activities. It is also worth remembering about the balance between personal and professional life.

Remote work in relation to the employee’s age and family life

Many people notice that the age of the employee plays a significant role. Younger people who have always worked with new technology find it easier to accept the new reality. People who have spent most of their working lives going to work in which the computer was more of an alternative (like teachers) have trouble adjusting to the new reality of working life.

For the past year, many people have been working and studying from home. Often entire families, who had previously left their homes every day for educational purposes or simply to work, suddenly found themselves in a different reality. When working remotely means we do not have to supervise school-age children, working from home is relatively smooth. Unfortunately, parents, while performing their professional duties, often have to watch over children who have classes in the next room. Working under these conditions can be exhausting and frustrating. Many people also point out the negativity of such arrangements in terms of the mental health of the entire family. Time spent together is invaluable – there is no doubt about that – but being locked up at home makes us nervous, which negatively affects our relationships.

Is remote work for everyone, then?

As you can see, no. Its undeniable advantage is the ability to perform tasks from anywhere in the world and to share responsibilities independently. However, remote work is not suitable for people who cannot manage their time, easily lose concentration, and do not have the appropriate technical conditions. WordPassion has been operating remotely from the very beginning, and we know very well the pros and cons of this solution. You can find many interesting posts on this topic on our Facebook page.

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