SEO optimization in e-commerce is the constant adaptation of a store’s website to Google’s algorithms. By following the appropriate rules, you can significantly influence your position in the search results and, thus, increase site traffic and achieve your sales goals faster.

How can such effects be achieved? Does it take a lot of time and effort? More details below.

Keywords are the basis of SEO

Ecommerce SEO will not be effective without the use of targeted keywords. These are phrases that a user enters into a search bar when searching for a product, service, or other desired content. Based on these, Google selects the pages that best match the given password. For the site to occupy high positions, it is necessary to plan its selection. First, it cannot be random passwords. It is better to use phrases for which there are many queries, but few competitors. The Keyword Planner comes in handy here. Such a tool will allow you to select slogans with longer positioning, less loaded by other enterprises, which, nevertheless, give the desired effect.

Unique product descriptions

With so much competition in the marketplace, you need to stand out. You can show your creativity easily and effectively by creating content for your website. Published product descriptions should be meaningful, but at the same time attractive to a potential consumer. It is worth making your texts transparent by highlighting the most important information in bold. It is also extremely important not to duplicate existing content (even on your website) because any duplicates will negatively impact your search bar positioning. Therefore, you should rely on original texts. It is much better to edit a new, more interesting product description than to include an already existing one added earlier, for example, by the manufacturer.

Product URL and SEO optimization in e-commerce

Another important element of SEO optimization is taking care of your assortment of URLs. It is due to them that customers can send each other links to certain products, and their content allows Google bots to index the desired content. Descriptive URLs that do not contain automatically generated numbers and letters are the most effective ones, such as As you can see, the words should be separated by hyphens, and the content should contain the keyword.

What are meta descriptions?

A meta description is a short piece of text (usually 1 or 2 sentences) that appears just below the link to the page in the Google search bar. It is a concise summary of the content of the website. A skillfully constructed description should contain a keyword and, as in the case of the aforementioned situations, attract the attention of potential customers.

SEO in e-commerce – graphics optimization

Visuals not only encourage you to buy a product, but they are also a great opportunity to use an image search bar and increase the traffic of your website. To achieve the above results, all published photos must be of good quality and the same size. However, the most important thing in the case of every photo is to enter a keyword in the ALT parameter, which is an alternative description contained in the HTML code. Here, you need to briefly describe what is shown in the picture.

Don’t forget about internal links

Internal links are nothing more than adding links to the text that lead to other subpages published on the same domain. This is an important optimization element because it makes it easier to navigate the site and allows you to quickly redirect to other links, such as other products that might be of interest to the customer. As a result, the consumer will spend more time in this online store.

Customer opinions

The recommendations of other Internet users effectively influence consumer decisions. It is worth taking advantage of this fact and placing on the site the opportunity to comment and rate each product. Such recommendations inspire confidence. This engages customers and can of course help with SEO.

SEO in e-commerce is not a one-time process. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, so adapting pages to them requires day-to-day work from online companies. However, with skillful management, they always bring the expected results.

Not everyone has the knowledge and skills to do SEO on their own. So, let’s turn to professionals, for example, a marketing agency for help. We will be happy to help you refine your sales platform, just contact us with details.

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