Do you want to promote your website? If you claim that an advertising campaign is the only way to attract attention, it is high time you get interested in microsites and SEO positioning.

What is SEO text?

The main element of microsites (or presell pages) is SEO text (Search Engine Optimization). They are created not only to trick search engine algorithms, but also to capture the reader’s attention. Such texts are not long and specialized enough to be equal to articles. Their purpose is to promote the home site, add value to it, and make AI consider it as deserving a note. The editorial content of a microsite must also be compelling enough. Then it will make the reader explore the topic by clicking on the link leading to the home page.

Is it worth ordering the creation of SEO texts, and if so, which services are the best option?

Let’s begin with the fact that writing a typical SEO text is not very time-consuming. The author does not have to demonstrate knowledge of a certain topic. Yet, it is only a matter of short research for a professional writer to create a text within several minutes.

It is also worth mentioning that SEO text should be 300 words long. However, some articles are composed of up to 700 words. In Poland, the price of one text may therefore be PLN 4, 10, or even 50, as everything depends on the person writing a text. Of course, the cheaper services of a student or an inexperienced copywriter may not live up to our expectations. In some cases, it is worth assigning this task to a professional.

The quality of the SEO text is not only determined by its content, but also by its structure. What matters is the final of investment. Matters a set of various texts on a moderately specialized subject, with skillfully placed keywords. Well-written articles will serve as links to the promoted content.

If writing seems so easy, why should we reach out to copywriters instead of trying to write on our own? Turns out that online tutorials and tips are not enough because SEO texts also require a nice flow. The author needs to get people’s attention and make sure that the keywords do not form the same sequences. What is more, the best SEO texts may create content on the promoted website. That is why it pays out to contact those who find it easy to write.

SEO texts – a green light for professionals

To sum up, SEO texts help to promote the home site. They are equipped with keywords and phrases that send users to a positioned page. Such an investment can be the key to marketing success. It is worth asking for help from professionals who have a gift both for writing and understanding the mechanisms of marketing.

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