It is widely known that a well-written text is like our business card. It inspires confidence and ensures customers that they have come to the right place. The fact that the text is written correctly linguistically and stylistically is not sufficient if it does not provide any additional profits. Aesthetic values are crucial, but it is worth taking care of substantive values as well. Here the question arises: How to write texts adjusted to the recipients?

This question is asked by many people who faced the difficult task of promoting the company or their services. The answer is not simple. There are many issues to consider before starting work.

The specificity of the industry

The industry in which we operate is relevant. The legal chamber will communicate differently, an automotive company in another way, as well as a brand offering products for babies. It is worth considering what we have to offer our clients and how we could convince them to use our services. Some industries allow people to use more freedom and creativity. Whereas in others it will be more beneficial to build a serious image.

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Target groups and their needs

An important aspect is to define the target group, i.e., to determine who we are addressing our message to. Addressing a specialist and non-specialist person will differ. Both will probably visit our website, so it is worth making sure that everyone finds what they are looking for. Diverse articles should be helpful to resolve the doubts of recipients and make the right decision.

Now that we know who we are addressing and what we want to communicate, we can focus on structuring the message. When formulating messages, we should avoid too specialized jargon to make the content understandable for everyone. Recipients are not a homogeneous group, and consequently, their needs are also different. Understanding what motivates potential customers when they enter your website will enable you to deliver the content they are looking for.

SEO is essential

It is worth making sure that the adjusted texts are also polished in terms of SEO, both visually and technically. The content of the text should be transparent, which can be achieved by dividing the text into paragraphs and highlighting headings and subheadings suggesting their content (as in this text). Appropriate keywords and phrases should be included in the body of the text. These are the phrases that Internet users most often type in a search engine when looking for information on a given topic. Another element of website positioning on the web is internal linking, i.e., placing links in the text to your publications on the same page (for example, you can learn more about SEO here).

Thanks to these tips, the text will not only be more readable for the recipient, but will also increase your chances of achieving a high position in the search results and, consequently, reaching more people.

How to write texts adjusted to the recipients that will attract and interest potential customers?

The first step to success is to define the specifics of the industry in which we operate, and also define the target group and its needs. The second – responding to these needs by providing recipients with specific information that will help them make the right decision. In other words, a good text is attractive to the reader, answers bothering questions, and is also adapted to the algorithms.

Writing a good text that fulfills the above requirements is not always an easy task. It is worth asking a professionalist who knows what to pay attention to and how to use the written word to achieve the intended goals. This is what marketing agencies like ours do. If you need blog articles, advertising texts, or SEO texts, please contact us. You can find our portfolio here.

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