When we look for information about texts on a website, we can find mainly mentions of linguistic correctness, stylistics and usability. What about the length of the text? It is worth remembering that this also plays an important role.

On the one hand, we shouldn’t discourage readers with a too-long text. At the same time, make sure that it is not too short because then the readers will be unsatisfied. How to reconcile this? What is the appropriate length of the text on the website?

The ideal length of a text – what is it?

Unfortunately, the ideal length of a text on a website doesn’t exist. There is no one-size-fits-all number that can be used for all types of content. It all depends, among others, on the construction of the website, the way of presenting information or the type of text. The blog entry, the content in the “About us” tab or the description of a specific product should look different.

Does the length of a text on a website matter?

Yes, it does matter. Keep in mind that this is almost as important as keyword selection, uniqueness, correctness, and structure. Usually, the shorter the text, the less substantive it becomes, as it doesn’t fully exhaust the topic. Then users start looking for more pieces of information they need, so they move to a competing site. In addition, it is very difficult to insert key phrases into a short text in a way that all looks natural.

For this reason, it is considered that longer texts are better. Nevertheless, be careful that they are not too long. Most of the readers will have a problem making it through to the end, especially if the proper structure will not be maintained (division into headers, bullet points, etc.).

The number of characters and Google requirements

For a website to rank well in search results, it must be adapted not only to the users’ needs but also to the requirements of algorithms. How does Google approach the issue of text length? According to analyzes, search engine robots favor substantive texts, 100% correct and adapted to SEO principles. Interestingly, most of them are not overly long – they simply represent the topic they cover.

How long should a text be?

The most sensible answer is: it depends. As already mentioned, the subject and type of content matter. Here are some tips for the optimal length of specific texts:

  • Product description – although the type of product plays an important role here, it is assumed that the appropriate length is about 1000-1500 cws (characters with spaces). However, it is worth noting that sometimes even slightly longer descriptions, about 3000 cws, work well.
  • Category description – the situation is similar to product descriptions. According to experts, it should not be shorter than 800 cws.
  • Blog article – according to many, the minimum is about 350 words. From our own experience, we can suggest that blog texts are usually 3000-5000 cws long. Nevertheless, sometimes we also prepare longer content, even about 10 000 cws long (especially when they are about more specialized topics and they have to be expert).
  • Content on the website – on average it is about 500-3000 cws. It depends on the type of subpage and the information it is supposed to convey to users. Some tabs are relatively short (for example “Contact” or “About us”), while others are much longer, like the presentation of an offer.

It is worth underlining once again that the length of a text on a website is not the only important factor. In case of doubt, it is worth analyzing competing websites and preparing a slightly longer article (make sure that it is substantive).


Creating content for a website can be troublesome for those who have no experience with this. Therefore, we encourage you to check our offer and contact us, for example through the contact form. We will be happy to help you prepare unique and interesting texts!

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