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Tiếng Việt

is an isolating, Austro-Asiatic, and tonal (six tones) language. The writing system of Vietnamese has evolved, and previously used Chinese characters were replaced with an alphabet called quốc ngữ. At present, the Vietnamese language is spoken by around 80 million people. There are three main dialects – northern, central, and southern.

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is an agglutinative language, which, just as Korean, belongs to the family of the isolated languages. The Japanese language is spoken by around 130 million people all over the world. The Japanese writing system consists of adopted Chinese characters, which is kanji, and two syllabaries – hiragana and katakana. Additionally, the language is supplemented by rōmaji – Latin characters.




is an isolating, tonal (five tones) language which belongs to the Kra-Dai language family. The Thai script consists of a syllabic alphabet based on the Brahmi writing system. The language is spoken by around 70 million people. There are many dialects of this language. Besides, other languages, similar to Thai, are spoken in Thailand, some of them use their own writing system.

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has nearly 530 million users. The language belongs to the Indo-European (Germanic) language family. This is a fusional language that has complex grammar. English has gained huge popularity as an official language in many countries. Currently, English is the most frequently taught foreign language at schools around the world.

We provide translations in the following language pairs

We specialize in Asian languages; however, our translation agency also offers English translations.

🇵🇱 Polish – Vietnamese 🇻🇳
🇵🇱 Polish – Thai 🇹🇭
🇵🇱 Polish – Japanese 🇯🇵
🇵🇱 Polish – English 🇬🇧
🇬🇧 English – Thai 🇹🇭
🇬🇧 English – Japanese 🇯🇵
🇬🇧 English – Vietnamese 🇻🇳

Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and English translations – price list

We treat each order individually. The final price of a translation depends on the theme, the number of pages, and the quality of the text.

🇵🇱 Polish – Vietnamese 🇻🇳
from 85PLN net/25 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces
🇻🇳 Vietnamese – Polish 🇵🇱
from 80PLN net/ 30 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces
🇵🇱 Polish- Japanese 🇯🇵
from 90PLN net/ 35 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces
🇯🇵 Japanese – Polish 🇵🇱
from 85PLN net/ 25 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces

🇵🇱 Polish – Thai 🇹🇭
from 95PLN net/ 40 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces
🇹🇭 Thai – Polish 🇵🇱
from 90PLN net/ 35 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces
🇵🇱 Polish – English 🇬🇧
from 40PLN net/ – 15 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces 🇬🇧
English – Polish 🇵🇱
from 40PLN net/ 15 EURO net 1800 characters with spaces

Our work process step by step


We make an assessment after receiving a document. The price for translation depends on the length, topic, and quality of the text. The assessment is provided together with an approximate realization time.

Customer’s acceptance

A customer receives an invoice for payment, after the acceptance of the proposed price and realization time. In the case of a larger order, a customer receives a prepayment invoice and a final invoice for a smaller order. The translation process starts after receiving a bank transfer.


Translations are made with high precision to ensure that the final version is linguistically correct and properly reflects the original text. During the translation process, we use different sources and programs (also online ones).


After the translation is made, the text is left for 1–2 days and checked once again to eliminate eventual mistakes.

Sending it to the customer

After the corrections, the translation is ready to be sent. A customer receives it in a Word or Excel document as was ordered. Any concerns are clarified.


Why is it worth choosing WordPassion translation agency?

High quality

The priority of WordPassion is to provide the highest translation quality. We care about linguistic correctness at each step of our work.

Short realization time

Short, 1–2-page length translations are made in two working days maximum.


The rich experience and realization of many translations allow us to claim that our agency is trustworthy.

Our experience applies to the following translations:

– for courts, border guards (written, non-certified translations),
– export documents,
– police documents,
– documents from foreign offices,

– private correspondence,
– office correspondence,
– invoices,
– online websites,
– information leaflets,

– product labels,
– private messages,
– blog entries,
– social media entries,
– hospital certificates.