The process of the estimation of costs includes several steps, and the final price is influenced by individual factors. Our translation agency specializes in Asian languages. However, English, French, Spanish and Italian translations are also available in our offer.

In this article, we would like to discuss the topic of estimating the costs of translation. What does the final price depend on? How to both make the translator’s work easier and cut the final price of the service?

Topic and size of the text

After receiving the document, the estimation of the costs and the time of the process takes place. If the translation is in the written form, a sample of the text is needed to provide information on how much content the whole document contains. During the estimation of the costs, the composition, format and size of the text are considered. An A4 page is not equal to another A4 page, so translators calculate the price on the base of the number of signs and spacing. Usually, it is set that one accounting page comprises 1800 signs with spaces included, but a lot depends on the translated language and the agency’s policy. If it is difficult to determine how many signs are included on the page, the translator rounds the number, not necessarily in favor of the client. That is why it is important to deliver the documents in the type of file which allows checking the precise number of the signs, such as .doc. In case this type of file is not available, you can make an OCR conversion and convert a PDF file to a DOC one. The translator can convert it on their own, but it means additional work and a higher final price, so it is worth making the translator’s work easier. If the file’s format is .png or .jpg, its final price is going to be more expensive, especially regarding Asian languages.

Establishing the price of translation

How does a translation agency calculate the price? Every order is treated individually and, as has been mentioned, the final price depends on the topic, number of pages, and quality of the text. Our agency divides the text into 1800 signs with spaces included, and this number is considered to be one accounting page. Therefore, the calculation is based on the following dependence: the number of signs included in the whole document divided by 1800. It is how the worth equal to the number of pages is calculated. Next decisions are made, depending on the topic of the text. Texts rich in specialist vocabulary may cause a rise in the final price.

If the Client accepts the proposed price and the estimated time of the process, he or she will receive an invoice to pay. The invoice may be either an advance or the whole price, given to pay for smaller orders. After receiving the payment, the translation agency starts the work process.

Translation and correction

The translation made by us is very precise and based on our knowledge as well as other sources, such as Internet programs. We try our best for the result of our work to be correct, satisfactory for the Client, and similar to the content of the original text meaning-wise. After the finished work, we revise the translation once again in order to correct it and create the final form a couple of days later.

Sending the translation

After the final analysis and correction of the text, the translation is done. Depending on the order, it is made in the .doc or .xls type of file and such a type of file is sent back to the Client. If the Client has any questions, we immediately answer them.

We pay a great deal of attention to our work. Due to that, we can guarantee our offer being precise and reliable. The types of translations made by our agency include judiciary documents, police documents, documents of foreign offices, bills, letters and private messages, office letters, formal letters, Internet websites, social media and blog posts, leaflets and labels. Write to us if you haven’t found the language you need, as we work with translators of other languages as well.

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