Vietnamese is a beautiful language, which is most often associated with Chinese. However, I have to put you right, Vietnamese is not Chinese. Yes, they have a common history, and Vietnamese has many borrowings from Chinese. However, a Vietnamese to a Chinese person will not get along like a Pole to a Czech. The differences in these languages are so great that it is impossible to understand each other unless both sides know a common language. I know that Vietnamese is not a fascinating Japanese, but I want to show you that it is worth learning this language! Maybe you will also choose a Vietnamese course online?

Why is it worth learning Vietnamese?

  1. Vietnamese is a beautiful language – pronunciation is difficult, but it is compensated for by simple grammar and writing in the Latin alphabet.
  2. Many Vietnamese people are living around the world. They are one of the largest national minorities in our country. And maybe in a few years, there will be a Vietnamese in your family?
  3. You will learn not only the language, but also the culture and history of Vietnam, and believe me – it is very interesting!
  4. In recent years, Vietnam has been developing rapidly – many western corporations willingly employ foreigners.
  5. There is a great demand for English language teachers in Vietnam.
  6. Vietnam is a wonderful place for vacations – islands, beaches, Ha Long Bay… And Vietnamese is very useful there.
  7. Vietnamese food is delicious and even for that, it is worth going there.
  8. Vietnamese cinematography is quite good, especially in the original.
  9. The Vietnamese green peas cookies are wonderful, as are Vietnamese coffee and green tea – and how can you be sure that you are buying a real product? Knowing the language will help you a lot.
  10. You can show off to your friends – as you say ‘I know Vietnamese’ – everyone says WOW!
  11. Languages help to develop!
  12. In Europe, more and more Vietnamese are being employed to work in factories and companies are looking for people with knowledge of Vietnamese to communicate with employees.

Vietnamese course with orientalistka

And there’s also me – Basia, an experienced teacher ☺ Learning grammar and vocabulary is complemented by fun facts about Vietnam. I offer a Vietnamese course ONLINE. You can choose an individual or group option. Feel free to take the course! Take a look at the fan page about the Vietnamese language. Write: or call: 667-899-367

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