“I’m looking for a copywriter to work with. I don’t want any agencies”. – We come across such notices more and more often. Although many people need help with their copywriting, some people only want someone who is a freelancer. Is this right? Working with a copywriting agency is not something to be afraid of!

Copywriting agency – what is it?

The reluctance to work with a professional copywriting agency is often due to a lack of knowledge about this type of business. WordPassion is also such a company, and, for our part, we can assure you that there is no cause for concern. We are professionals, and every job is important to us.

Our copywriting agency from Rzeszów is a small team. Each person has an appropriate education and several years of experience in copywriting. We complement each other and help each other daily so that all clients are fully satisfied with the choice of our offer.

Cooperating with a copywriting agency – advantages

Those who are hesitant about working with a copywriting agency should know the most significant advantages of doing so. These include:

  1. Carefully prepared texts – as already mentioned, at WordPassion a team of several people works on the texts. While one person creates the text, another one checks it for typos, punctuation errors or stylistic mistakes. What’s more, we discuss together the keywords or text ideas that need to be included.
  2. Completing assignments on time – deadlines are a priority for us. We always make sure that assignments are ready on time. Since we handle large orders in steps, customers do not receive them in full on the last day, they have them at their disposal beforehand. Furthermore, it often happens that texts are ready a few days before the deadline.
  3. VAT invoice – many people care about this. Freelancers can indeed use aids such as an invoice from Useme, but this form does not always work. WordPassion is an active VAT payer, so you shouldn’t be afraid of any billing problems when working with us.
  4. Reliability – we have a track record of many completed assignments and positive feedback. We are a trustworthy copywriting agency, which has been confirmed by people satisfied with the cooperation. By ordering content preparation from us, there is no risk associated with, for example, receiving plagiarism or constant excuses as to why texts were not created on time.

Our experience is an additional asset. We have been involved in copywriting and content writing for several years now.

How do you work with a copywriting agency?

Cooperation with us is simple – send us a question, or you can use the contact form. Based on the information sent, we will estimate the price, and if you accept it – we start working on the texts. The most convenient form of cooperation is the use of Google Drive. We create a folder for each client and place files there. Everything runs smoothly and without problems. If necessary, we can make a paid sample text to demonstrate our style and knowledge of the subject. Finally, once the completed order is accepted we issue an invoice.


Are you looking for a copywriter to help you with your website texts, blog posts or expert articles? Write to us!

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