In our copywriting agency, you can order professionally made advertorials which will become one of the factors contributing to the sale increase. The goal of every company is development, and one of the most important missions an entrepreneur faces is reaching a wider audience.

Effective advertorials will help you to accomplish the plan of your company’s actions. They will draw the attention of new customers and attract them to your products or services. We believe that properly customized content has a great influence on sales and trading profits.

Advertorials – what can we offer you?

We are open to your suggestions and carefully listen to your needs, in order to provide you with the highest quality service at an attractive price. The process of creating advertising texts includes:

Preparation of leaflets and advertising posters content

Tell others about your products and services. WordPassion offers texts for use on leaflets and advertising posters.

Creating advertising slogans

Do you need a short, catchy slogan that will be etched in the receiver’s memory? If so, contact us. Together, we will create something incredible.

Preparing Instagram and Facebook posts

Social media are great platforms to acquire new customers. Our agency will prepare Facebook or Instagram posts that will certainly raise interest.

Creating descriptions for online auctions

The proper advertorial is necessary for your online auctions to become successful. Our employees know how to create one.

piszemy teksty reklamowe

What makes a well-made advertorial?

Every experienced person from the marketing industry will agree that advertising content should be based on customers’ needs. What does it actually mean? An advertorial should take account of what the customers expect in order to bring the profits. Before starting the work it is worth knowing the target group, ask about their needs and suggest a product or service which meets them. Writing advertorials require experience and involvement. You can find it all in our agency. Well-made advertising stirs the addressees’ emotions and lasts in their minds for a long time. It is also unique, clear, short, stands out from the competition, and indicates the benefits of the purchase.

Our strengths:


We join forces and create catchy advertorials that allow you to stand out from the crowd of other companies in the same industry.


Advertising slogans have their fundamental purpose which is the sale. We do not forget about it at all stages of work.

Adjustment to the needs

Texts which advertise your products or services are adjusted to your vision of activity and the target group of receivers.