Are you creating an online shop and need help in preparing product and category descriptions? Our copywriting agency will take this challenge. We have extensive experience in creating content not only for shops but also sales services, that operate on partnership programs with well-known websites that offer a variety of products. Here you can get the high-quality product descriptions that are adapted to the SEO rules.

Each product description is created individually. We always focus on content to portray all advantages of a product and provide the benefits of its purchase. The customers receive the most important information that allows them to decide whether a product is all that they need or not. While creating a product description, we try to include reliable and previously verified feedback of the users which warrants the quality and satisfaction from making an investment. The category descriptions allow you to organize the content. A person who accessed your website can quickly discover what can be found on a certain subpage.

Product descriptions – how should they look like?

Products descriptions for an online shop must be properly constructed to attract users. You cannot forget that they are created mainly to encourage customers to purchase. Their purpose is to sell. The achievement of making a transaction is more likely to happen if a product description meets particular requirements. It must be:

Interesting and substantive

While creating a product description, we rely on information that is given on the manufacturer’s website which allows avoiding eventual content errors. Language is always adapted to a certain group of recipients.


A successful product description must be understandable, that is why it is important to keep a proper layout. Our descriptions are easy to read and have all important pieces of information visible for customers.

Adapted to the SEO rules

Due to properly selected key phrases, your website becomes more visible for a search engine. A person that is interested in purchasing a certain product, can easily find your website.


Each product description must be unique. If you decide to copy it from the manufacturer’s website, it is considered plagiarism and will not appear in search results.

tworzymy opisy produktów i kategorii

Category descriptions – why are they necessary?

Category descriptions of online shops are primarily a perfect tool to improve the positioning of a website. Moreover, they introduce the benefit in the form of a better-organized content. As a result, a person interested in purchasing a particular product can easily find it on the website.

Category descriptions should be adapted to the rules of SEO, that is why using properly selected keywords is of vital importance. A successful description should contain information about what kind of product is featured on a website, what distinguishes this group, and what subcategories can be found there. It is essential to adjust content to its receivers and using the advantages of the language of benefits. You cannot forget about good text comprehension and proper formatting. Our WordPassion copywriting agency will ensure those category descriptions contain all of these elements.

The benefits from working with our copywriting agency:

Thorough research

Before starting the writing process, we look for reliable information about brands and their products. You can be sure that a product description will not have any mistakes.

Inclusion of the SEO rules

We know that a website needs positioning for better visibility, that is why we create texts according to the rules of SEO.


From the beginning, our company creates product and category descriptions which bring real benefits for the customers. Make use of our services and see by yourself.