If you want a higher number of views on your website and improve the search engine position of it, you need to take care of its positioning. It is a matter of proper knowledge and competencies, so it is worth entrusting that task to the professionals. The WordPassion team will prepare effective, search engine, and user-friendly SEO texts for you.

We are an experienced agency that offers reliable SEO copywriting. The texts we create include crucial keywords, proper structure, and substantive content. Check for yourself why it is worth using our services.

SEO texts – what do they look like?

The SEO texts include proper and thematically adapted key phrases. They also contain well-formatted and carefully formulated headings. Due to that the website, on which they are placed, can be seen at the very top of the search engine results. It makes it easier for the potential customers to find it. It needs to be emphasized that the website which is optimized according to the SEO rules is more popular and more often visited by the users. What differentiates successful texts that are adapted to the SEO rules?


Content, that is created according to the SEO rules, should consist of properly picked words that are usually typed into the search engine to find information about certain topics. We use special tools to mark keywords and improve website positioning.

Uniqueness and attractiveness

The SEO text cannot duplicate content from other websites because it decreases the search engine position of a website. They need to be unique. Otherwise, the engine algorithm views them as replicated. It is important to use simple and attractive language.

Proper formatting

The properly formatted SEO texts are more pleasant to read. You need to care about headings and paragraph division. The keywords may be written in bold.

Linguistic correctness

Although the main purpose of the SEO content is the improvement of website positioning in search engines, we cannot forget about linguistic correctness. Every text needs to be checked according to the rules of punctuation, spelling, and stylistics.

Preparation of the SEO texts is very time-consuming and difficult when done on one’s own. If you entrust this task to our team, you will get effective and reliable content as soon as possible.

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SEO copywriting – why is it worth choosing?

Even if texts are correct and attractive to the recipients, they do not increase the popularity of a website if they were not adapted to the basic SEO rules during the preparation process. Use of the proper key phrases allows achieving the satisfactory results – increased website traffic, rising interest in offered services and products, and higher profits from sales. While creating SEO texts, you should choose words carefully and control their quality, as they supposed to complement texts and not create them. As an experienced copywriting agency we always remember about it during every order realization. That is why our texts look so natural and are pleasant to read.

Professional content

We create professional, interesting, and easy to understand content, regardless of the field in which your company operates.

Individual approach

We have extensive experience in creating website texts and each order is approached individually.

Attention to every detail

We create texts that are perfectly developed not only according to stylistics, spelling, and punctuation rules, but also to rules of the website optimization.