Have you ever considered learning an exotic language? Were you tempted by Japanese and Chinese? How about a Thai course? It is a beautiful tonal language with an interesting writing system. Learn more ‘why it is worth choosing Thai course online’

Why take a Thai course?

  1. Thailand is beautiful – marvelous beaches and sea, and wonderful cities full of colorful buildings. It is worth going there for vacations, and many people like to wait there for the winter.
  2. The Thai smile – Thais always smile, and they are very helpful, you really want to walk on these streets.
  3. Thai has a very impressive writing system – it is not the easiest, but learning it gives a lot of satisfaction.
  4. Thai has simple grammar, forget about 16 tenses, inflection, bizarre words, in this language creating sentences is very easy.
  5. Thailand is one of the most developed countries in Asia, the knowledge of Thai gives many opportunities for development in Thai companies.
  6. The beaches of Thailand are wonderful, but not everywhere people know English. Before leaving, it is worth learning the basic phrases, as well as getting to know the culture of Thailand, not to make a blunder.
  7. Thais are willing to cooperate with foreign companies.
  8. Thai food is delicious.
  9. Languages help to develop!
  10. International corporations in Poland are increasingly looking for people with knowledge of Thai. Especially sought after is Thai with knowledge of accounting.
  11. Corporations from other European countries are often looking for people who would go to Thailand for a month, two, or maybe a year to work there in a given branch of the company. It is a great opportunity for self-development.
  12. Water sports – is there a better country for water sports? Many people think Thailand is an excellent choice. But… without knowledge of Thai, it is difficult to communicate on small islands. Do you prefer sports on the ground? How about Thai boxing?

I offer a Thai ONLINE course – you can sign up for group or individual classes. Sign up for the course!

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