Currently, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t have a Facebook fan page. Although it requires time, a creative approach, and skills, running your profile may turn out to be a solution full of advantages. If you’re hesitating whether you should or not create a Facebook business page, we encourage you to read this post.

Facebook business page and image-building

There are various ways to build a positive image of the company on the Internet. Creating a Facebook business page is one of the most efficient methods since this platform is used every day by many people all over the world. Through this social media channel, we can reach a wider audience and narrow the distance between us and our clients at the same time. It is assumed that contact through Facebook is less formal, so we can allow ourselves to be more open, kind, and likable. If we treat every client individually and patiently reply to questions and doubts, we will quickly be called an expert. Without a doubt, our business will be considered friendly and committed to its clients.

Creating a community

Having a business Facebook page, we give our clients the possibility to contact us directly when necessary. Usually, it is a much faster communication channel than email or even phone. Moreover, many people prefer to contact companies via social media. It is considered to be a more comfortable way of communication.

The Facebook fan page should be updated regularly by adding posts, replying to comments, messages, and suggestions. If we do this in the right way, after some time we will manage to create a community for our followers. We need to remember that satisfied clients not only stay with us for long but also they recommend our services to their families, friends, etc. Having such a loyal community has another advantage. In a crisis, we can count on support from our loyal clients. Without a doubt, it will be extremely helpful in regaining the good image of our business.

Facebook as an effective way of advertising

It’s impossible not to notice that running a Facebook page is a perfect way of promotion. We can, for example, buy ads by using Facebook Ads. Then we can be sure that we will reach the right target group. It’s worth remembering that Facebook has at its disposal much information about its users – their age, gender, job, place of living, hobbies, etc. When buying an ad, we can decide who it will reach and then check users’ reactions. It significantly reduces the risk of reaching the wrong target audience and being ignored.

Product sales

Facebook is a platform that supports online shopping. Clients can buy products even without logging into our website. It encourages making quick and impulsive decisions since clients often don’t check the competitors’ offers because they want to save their time. Also, it is worth encouraging your clients to contact you about your products. By answering clients’ questions, we can encourage them even more to use our services. Customers remembering our quick and reliable responses will surely be happy to come back to us.

Should every business create a fan page?

Facebook is such a popular social media channel that in fact, every business can create a fan page no matter what they specialize in. Looking through the published content, we can notice that Facebook is used not only by restaurants, grocery or clothing chain stores but also by various foundations, hospitals, and even schools. WordPassion has a fan page as well, you can find it here.

When it comes to the business Facebook page, the only limit is our creativity. Having many post ideas, we can create a fan page and check whether it is the right form of promotion for us or not. Perhaps, thanks to this our business will become far more popular.

Creating a Facebook page is an interesting idea to broaden the group of our clients. However, the profile needs to be updated regularly to become popular and often visited by the users. Since WordPassion offers not only the creation of various types of texts but also running a Facebook page, we have vast knowledge about it. We will be happy to share it with you in the next post. 

Do you know any other important advantages of having a Facebook fan page we haven’t mentioned? We are waiting for your suggestions.

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