Can anyone become a copywriter? Some people believe that everyone can write texts. Nevertheless, it is becoming clearer that a copywriter should have certain predispositions. Without them, it would be difficult to succeed. So who can become a copywriter and how to do that?

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who prepares content for publication. These involve various types of articles found on the Internet and in magazines as well as content on advertising materials such as leaflets, newsletters, and brochures. The copywriter’s role is also preparing slogans, content, or even entire scripts for advertising spots, videos published on YouTube, etc. A copywriter is a combination of several professions: editor, journalist, and advertising agency employee.

SEO copywriting

It is quite common to hear that the term copywriter refers to people working in marketing agencies. Those who create content for websites to increase their visibility in search engines are called SEO copywriters. These people create the catalogs and product descriptions, presell pages, and synonymizing texts (an explanation of these terms can be found in our glossary).

Do you need to have a proper education?

Copywriting is usually done by people who have graduated in philology and journalism. This is because during classes you get to know the secrets of the Polish or English language better (and at the same time consolidate the principles of spelling, punctuation, and style), as well as broaden your knowledge of marketing and learn to distinguish between different types of texts. However, in the case of copywriters, creativity and craftsmanship are more important than education and the number of diplomas. It is important to emphasize that a well-educated copywriter should also continuously improve their skills. It is all for the sake of not falling into a routine and looking for ways to make their texts more attractive. In copywriting, practice is more important than theory. For this reason, a lack of professional education should not be an insurmountable barrier.

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Features of a good copywriter

There are several characteristics that a good copywriter should have. Those are, as follows:

the ability to search and collect information – it is often the case that copywriters write dozens of texts on different topics, not always familiar to them. This does not mean that a valuable and reliable article cannot be prepared. A good copywriter is able to quickly research websites full of useful information, which they will use in writing. These are not always the websites that appear on the first page of the search results. Sometimes you have to spend a little more time searching, which requires patience;

creativity – without creativity it is very difficult to create a text that is interesting for the reader, in which specific keywords are included (sometimes they are strange and unusual, e.g. marketing agency Rzeszow). The copywriters create texts from scratch, based on collected sources. They cannot rewrite them literally or change individual words, because that is not their job. A creative approach to the subject is a necessity for the article to be interesting;

“flow” – while browsing job advertisements for copywriters, it is almost 100% likely that the term “flow” will appear in every single one. What is it? It is an efficient use of language, the ability to arrange stylistically and logically correct sentences and prepare a text on every subject. Copywriters can specialize in specific areas such as new technologies, automotive, fashion, health, etc. However, at the beginning of their careers, they also have to deal with other topics. A good copywriter can write an article on a certain number of words or characters with spaces even about hair combing;

ability to organize work and meet deadlines – the work of a copywriter is based on meeting deadlines. This can be a bit difficult at first and some people get discouraged quickly. However, the ability to work under time pressure is extremely important in copywriting. There are days when orders are still piling up and the deadline is rapidly approaching. Of course, we are not robots. From time to time, you can ask your client to extend the deadline for the submission of the texts. However, this is not always possible. A copywriter who fails to meet the deadlines is seen as unprofessional, some can even interpret it as a lack of respect. Keeping in touch is a necessity not only with the clients but also with your employer (including the potential employer if you are applying for a job). There is nothing worse than replying after a few weeks, with a few different excuses to explain, for example, the failure to complete a task;

marketing and SEO knowledge – for the texts written by the copywriter to be effective, proper use and placement of the keywords are not sufficient. You also need to know how to select specific language structures (especially persuasive ones) and understand how the Internet works. This applies not only to the SEO copywriters but also to others.

How to become a copywriter?

Those who have the qualities mentioned above as well as those who want to work on them can try their hand at copywriting without any obstacles. The beginnings can be very difficult, but without persistence and effort, we will not succeed in any profession. If you want to become a copywriter, you can apply to a marketing agency and ask for an internship or practice. This is definitely an option, among other things, for students who develop their skills this way, and at the same time gain a source of income. There are also special platforms for copywriters, where assignments are posted. Although the rates for most of them are not too high, this can be seen as an opportunity to gain some experience and enrich your portfolio.

You do not need to set up your own business to work as a copywriter. The payoff can be handled through a work contract. There are many agencies that offer full-time jobs, but there are also people who value freedom and independence. In such a case running your own business is a good solution.

The life of a copywriter is not a bed of roses, but it is an interesting profession. Every day you can develop your imagination and broaden your knowledge about the world, and at the same time work from the comfort of your home (even full-time). If you feel that copywriting is a job in which you will land on your feet, do not wait – start writing. Perhaps this will become your way of life. By the way, we wish all copywriters, and ourselves as well, pleasant topics and a never-ending inspiration!

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