When creating your Facebook business account, you should know not only what steps are recommended, but also what you should avoid. Even some seemingly minor mistakes may reduce the number of followers or even cause the loss of good relationships with clients. Apart from that, a wrongly maintained fan page sometimes has its ratings limited to a minimum. What are the common mistakes in running a Facebook profile?

Buying likes on the Facebook fan page

One of the easiest ways to increase the popularity of the fan page is by buying likes. However, it isn’t a method without flaws. Usually, the fans gained this way probably won’t be interested in the content we post (or they won’t even be aware that they liked our fan page). As a result, they might mark your posts as spam. If this happens frequently, the visibility of the content will decrease, also among other followers who initially were interested in our profile and clicked the “like” button. Furthermore, Facebook can quickly pick up such practices as buying likes, and then the increased number of likes is canceled. Instead of boosting the popularity of your fan page artificially, it is better to spend more time running it and interacting with Facebook users to attract their interest.

Lack of dialogue

Although running a Facebook business page is mostly based on publishing posts on the relevant subject, that isn’t the only activity. We also need to remember about maintaining contact with the active users who publish comments, share our content, as well as send us private messages. Otherwise, we won’t be able to establish lasting relationships with the people who show interest in our profile, which may discourage them from using our service. At the same time, we shouldn’t be too intrusive. Some companies daily post questions like, “How was your day?” or “What are you doing this weekend?”. After a while, it becomes irritating or even may be perceived as infantile behavior.

Deleting the negative comments

Even if we try hard, the negative comments may appear on our profile anyway. They don’t always have to be truthful, it all depends on the context. Although they won’t positively affect our popularity, we shouldn’t delete them. This may cause the loss of other users’ trust because we try to hide something. Deleting comments often encourage their authors to engage in the subject even further. As a result, far more critical comments may appear on our fan page.

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What should we do when the negative comments appear? In such a case, we can send a private message to their authors to defuse the situation and explain all doubts.

Publishing too long posts

Your posts on the fan page should be diverse – we don’t have to add a picture or graphics to each of them. However, it often leads to writing comprehensive articles that are difficult to get through. Posts shouldn’t be too long – they should be substantive, attention-grabbing, and relatively short. Of course, it all depends on what we are writing about. Sometimes the subject is so absorbing that it’s difficult to write just a few sentences. In such a case, we can publish a few posts about the same topic to gradually provide users with information and encourage them to visit our fan page regularly.

Unfounded criticism

More and more frequently we hear about the phenomenon of “hate” on the Internet. When running a business fan page, we have to keep in mind that criticizing the competition or fans isn’t the best solution, even if we want to respond in this way to the negative opinions about us. If we want to address it, we should do it in a measured and professional manner. It can’t be a personal attack. The business Facebook account is not the right place to express your personal views and emotions. It may badly affect the reputation of your business and contribute to reducing the number of likes, or even to the loss of customers. Gaining back trust is difficult and requires a lot of time.

Not using all the Facebook features

When creating a business Facebook account, we have to make sure we used all the available functions. Even giving the profile a unique URL or filling all the fields in contact details can make a difference. An unfinished fan page and out-of-date (or inconsistent with those given on our website) information doesn’t inspire trust. Moreover, Facebook from time to time adds new options, so it is worth checking the fan page settings regularly.

By following our tips included not only in this but also in the previous entries (for example here) you can effectively increase the visibility of your business Facebook page and reach a wider audience. The next post will be about YouTube – should your business also be there? As it turns out, short videos can be a great tool of promotion too.

If you want to add something about running a Facebook fan page, don’t hesitate – share your thoughts in the comments.

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