Do you often hear or read about such terms as copywriting, online marketing, SEO, and SEM, but you don’t know what they mean? Perhaps you wonder what satellite site texts or sponsored content are? For people like you, we have prepared a special copywriting glossary. It includes definitions of the crucial terms in the field of broadly understood online marketing.

What do SEO and SEM mean? What is optimization?

Before we get into more difficult terms, we need to learn the basic ones such as SEO and SEM. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that aims at improving the position of a website in search engines such as Google. The higher the website appears in the search results, the more frequently it is visited. It increases the popularity of the brand and the sale of the offered services and products. In a nutshell, SEO is website optimization in terms of search engines.

On the other hand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the elements of online marketing that is supposed to raise the website’s position in the search results. It uses, among others, paid ads on search engine result pages. The following formula is frequently used when explaining this term: SEM = PPC + SEO. It means that SEM consists of the above-mentioned website optimization and Pay Per Click, the Internet advertising settlement method in which the advertiser pays for a user’s click on a banner or link.

It is commonly believed that SEO and positioning mean the same. However, that’s not entirely true. Website positioning is a process that includes not only optimization but also other activities that make the website rank high in the search results after typing a specific phrase. SEO is therefore one of the tools that help achieve positioning goals.

What are the keywords?

Copywriters and customers often use terms such as keywords. These are specific words or groups of words that are used when searching for information in the search engine. They are mainly used to describe the meaning of the searched issue. If we want our article to be well-optimized, we should include in the text proper keywords which are often searched by the users. When it comes to WordPassion, popular keywords are, for example, copywriting, e-commerce, Japanese, the Thai course, etc. More importantly, keywords should be woven into the text in such a way that they will look natural. Of course, there are more problematic phrases, such as “Japanese course Rzeszow”, but a good and creative copywriter can handle even the most difficult phrases. 

What is copywriting?

We’ve mentioned copywriting a few times in this text, but can you explain what it is? In short, it’s writing original, creative, appealing texts with unique content. In other words, it’s a marketing activity. It concerns mainly online marketing, but not only. Copywriters create texts published on websites, as well as on flyers, various magazines, or even texts spoken in TV and radio commercials. You can read more about this profession here.

We can distinguish a few types of copywriting, for example:

  • SEO copywriting – includes writing SEO texts which are search engine friendly. They must include the right keywords, often they have a lower substantive value. Nonetheless, they must be grammatically correct;
  • Content copywriting – includes writing texts beneficial to people who read them. These are various types of substantive articles, such as specialist articles or guides;
  • Email copywriting – includes writing content intended to be placed in newsletters and emails. Such texts should be short and encourage receivers, for example, to visit a link placed in the email;
  • Social media copywriting – includes writing content to post on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. These texts should engage users and encourage them to interact.

What is content? What does buzz marketing mean?

People who visit our website can find in the “Copywriting – price list” tab such phrases as content or buzz marketing. These are standard services offered by copywriters.

Content is a term related to everything you can see on a website – all texts, titles, meta tags, infographics, or graphic files. One of the most important issues is uniqueness. All published content has to be original – copied content negatively influences the website optimization and makes reaching a good ranking position in search engines more difficult.

Buzz marketing is a popular form of online marketing. Actions taken in this sphere are to remind and “whisper” to the Internet users about a given company, its services, products, and advantages. The aim is to prompt a discussion in an unforced and natural way. The role of the person taking care of buzz marketing is mainly to initiate a conversation – in this way, information about a given brand doesn’t offend users, no one feels being attacked by intrusive advertising or urged to buy a specific product.

Sponsored text – what is this?

WordPassion offers writing sponsored text. What is it exactly? It’s a form of advertisement – in our case on the Internet – that looks like a normal article, but its purpose is to promote a specific brand or product. In such texts, we need to focus on positive aspects and present them in such a way that the article doesn’t feel intrusive or artificial. What is more, the text must be consistent, grammatically, stylistically, and linguistically correct, and it should be distinguished by substantive value. Publishing sponsored articles can bring many benefits to your business because it helps create its positive image and attract new clients.

Catalog descriptions and presell pages – what are they?

Catalog descriptions are texts used in business or web catalogs. It’s a more or less detailed description of the website content or business activities. Such texts may include keywords, the quality of the texts should be high – often website catalogs are moderated, so the published descriptions can be rejected if they are written carelessly.

Presell pages, on the other hand, are SEO texts that are at the lowest position in the hierarchy of SEO copywriting. Mostly, they have around 1,000 to 1,200 characters with spaces and contain a link to better quality texts. The substantive value of typical presell pages is relatively low, and they are not particularly detailed. However, it’s important that they are unique.

Satellite site texts – are they necessary in online marketing?

Satellite site texts are forms between presell pages and better quality articles. They must be linguistically and stylistically correct. Also, their length must be at least 1,500 characters with spaces, and they must contain keywords. Satellite site texts are placed on the microsite, a set of sites that optimize the core-site. Satellite site texts don’t require any special knowledge about a given subject. However, they play a huge role – most of them are blogs, etc., which include a comment section and are often visited by the users (because they are treated as normal websites). Well created satellite sites can better optimize the main site and boost its popularity.

We hope that we explained to you the meaning of basic copywriting and online marketing terms. If you found other unknown terms – feel free to contact us. Please contact us also if you need good quality and unique sponsored, specialist, or other text. WordPassion offers correct and original articles, as well as punctuality and a creative approach to every subject.

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