A perfectly visible website, an ever-increasing number of clients, and profit growth – these are the core effects that a person establishing cooperation with a copywriting agency expects. However, are they always achievable? It turns out that a lot in this matter depends on the choice of the agency. How to find the right company so as not to regret it later? We describe everything below.  

Familiarizing oneself with a portfolio

It is one of the first steps worth following before establishing cooperation. A good copywriting agency has a carefully prepared portfolio that is easily found on the website. It is a great convenience because you don’t have to contact companies and ask them to send text samples. It is enough to open a proper tab on the website, read its content, and find out if it is a suitable style of writing. Currently, an open-access portfolio is nearly a standard because such elements prove the copywriting agency is professional.

Check out reviews

Reviews about an agency are to be found in several places. One of them is the website of the agency. A company that has a track record in successful cooperation is eager to commend and it should not be surprising. Consequently, on many websites, there is added a special tab with recommendations. Because it is nearly certain that they will be solely positive (no one would share negative reviews), the research is worth expanding. Reviews can also be found on Google, Facebook, or other social media. This way, you will find out whether the reviews about the agency are negative and what the dialog with the company looks like (admitting a mistake is a great skill, and besides, sometimes the critique is not constructive). A good copywriting agency does not withhold anything.

Sample text

Sometimes even a prime portfolio or positive reviews don’t resolve doubts on whether we choose the right agency. To remove the doubts, contact the agency and commission it to prepare text samples. To be a mutually advantageous solution, this kind of commission shouldn’t be gratuitous. It is a good solution because you can find out how the agency deals with a subject area of a particular kind and how the agency works. A non-gratuitous sample text is not binding. From the clients’ perspective, this is a great advantage – they aren’t bound to cooperate with a company that may quickly disappoint them, for example, because of the poor quality of the articles.

Experience and specialization

Copywriting agencies usually position information about past cooperations on their web pages. This is a useful guide because it enables us to see with which clients the agency worked. Before establishing cooperation, it is recommended to search whether the company can deal with a given subject. It is crucial, especially when the subject is niche or highly demanding. What is worth highlighting is that copywriting experts don’t have to know all the angles of every field. It is impossible. Agencies usually hire people specializing in various disciplines (and it is the same for WordPassion). One person achieves in working on legal text because of their educational background, and others with medical or interior design content.

A professional copywriting agency – above-board contract terms

It is the last but not least point. A proven agency specializing in copywriting and content should guarantee above-board contract terms. If the contract includes unclarity, ask for an explanation. In a situation, when an agency refuses to clarify the intricacies and is not reliable about its performance, the best solution is to find another company.

We hope we sufficiently clarified how to choose a copywriting agency so as not to regret any decisions. We encourage people who are looking for copywriting experts to contact WordPassion directly – we will be pleased to answer your questions!


Translated by Marta Sawicka, the WordPassion intern.

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