Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a company without a website. It’s not only the flagship of a business, but also an additional communication channel with clients and an effective form of advertising. In the case of a language school, a website with properly chosen content is necessary, because it is hard to stand out from the competition without it. 

One of such companies has confided in us recently, and in this post, we present the results of our work for Atticus. Our task was to prepare content for their website. See, how went the realization and see that it’s worth trusting WordPassion.

What did our collaboration with the language school consist of?

The WordPassion team had an opportunity to work with Atticus, a language school based in Warsaw: It’s a place offering English, German, and Spanish courses – both for children and teenagers, but also for adults.

Our first task was to optimize the content in homepage tabs that had already been on a website, for instance in the “About Us” tab.

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First, our work was to present in an accessible way the most important information. They needed to be easily found by people interested in courses. We have included crucial keywords that have a positive impact on SEO. Due to that, the website will have better visibility in search results. Additionally, together with the Client, we have introduced minor changes concerning the visual of the page. As a result, it appears attractive.

To make scrolling through the website easier, we have created separate subpages for each group of students. We have also given detailed descriptions of them.

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We have also prepared descriptions of courses for each language. Now, every person visiting Atticus’ website can easily find the details. In this section, we also used appropriate keywords. 

Moreover, we have presented the forms of the courses (individual lessons, in pairs or groups). We have introduced the most important benefits of each way. As a result, every potential student can decide, individually, which option suits them best. We have worked according to the guidelines that we had received from Atticus. During creating content for the website, we didn’t forget about crucial details such as using textbooks on the courses. We were trying for all information to be presented in a proper, accessible way. 

What is important is that we were in constant contact with our client. It enabled us to eliminate mistakes, enter additional information and, above all, give the client assurance that the cooperation goes in a way it should go.

WordPassion copywriting agency – why is it worth it to trust us?

We know very well how hard it might be to prepare substantive and unique content. It is our team’s everyday work, so we have a lot of experience in this area. Creating content for Atticus’ website was an interesting task. Also, since WordPassion is not only a copywriting and content writing agency. We offer language courses (with a focus on Asian languages), but also translations. We are aware of what should be included on a language school’s website and how to prepare the content so as the page has a high position in a search engine and make it clear that it is worth deciding for the course.

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