More and more often, companies that want to increase their popularity on the Internet set up accounts not only on Facebook or Instagram but also on Twitter. Although it is often said that it is a platform mainly for politicians or journalists, this is not entirely true. The number of users of this portal is growing every day, which proves its popularity. Business Twitter can be an effective form of promotion and bring many benefits to your business.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the social media channels that was founded in 2006. The platform allows us to publish short posts, their length cannot exceed 140 characters. At first, it seems to be a big limitation. However, after some time, most users notice that important information can be easily communicated even with fewer characters. Posts on business Twitter are not long, but allow to emphasize the essence of a given issue, event, etc.

In fact, anyone who has something important to share can create a Twitter account. The platform is most popular among the aforementioned journalists, politicians, as well as bloggers, musicians, actors, and so on. Twitter is made for a quick exchange of information. It can be an additional channel of communication also for the companies that want to take better care of relations with their clients. By using appropriate hashtags you can reach a specific target group with your posts.

Business Twitter – how to create an account?

On Twitter, you can create not only a private but also a business account. It has to be as personalized as possible so that users don’t have a problem with determining who we are, in which industry we operate, to whom we address our offer, etc. So you need to insert your profile photo (it can be your company logo) and a background photo. You should also describe your brand – here we have 160 characters available. It is not too much, so it is necessary to distinguish the most important issues in such a way as to interest other users.

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Running a corporate Twitter

Once your company profile is ready, you can move on to posting. On Twitter we should be very active; posting one or two sentences once a week does not make much sense. According to specialists, it is best to publish three posts a day. Initially, this may be relatively difficult, but with time, when we become more skilled, tweeting will certainly not cause us any problems. Of course, the content of posts must be well-thought-out. What counts here above all is creativity. The company must stand out from the competition and get followers (there are no friends on Twitter, other users can follow our profile as well as like, comment, and share published tweets).

On Twitter, it is also worth sending direct messages to people who have started following us or expressed interest in our posts. It cannot be spam, however. The safest solution is to give acknowledgment for the activity or ask what content should be published by us more often. This will help us find out what users expect from us.

What should your tweets be about? It depends on the specifics of your business. The posts can’t just be about advertising your products and services, because users quickly find them too pushy. From time to time, it’s worth publishing short films and photos about the industry in which we operate. You can also react to current events (if they concern your company in some way, of course) and answer questions, doubts, and possible customer accusations.

Twitter and Promoted Tweets

For some time now Twitter has been cooperating with Google, the most popular Internet search engine. It allows companies to publish so-called Promoted Tweets, i.e., messages promoted in a specific place, e.g., at the very top of the search results. In this way, the company’s Twitter account connects with the AdWords system. It has a positive impact on the positioning of the company’s website (information on other forms of company website promotion can be found in this post).

Promoted tweets give us a chance to reach more recipients. If we have something important and interesting to pass on to users, the posts will certainly not be forgotten quickly. Unique content is willingly retweeted, i.e., passed on and sometimes even quoted by the media. It significantly increases interest in a particular topic and content, and additionally helps to gain new customers.

Twitter and email marketing

The companies that send regular newsletters to their customers can connect email marketing with Twitter. The sent messages should include a link to the company’s profile on the platform and thus encourage the recipients to follow our activities. We can inform our customers via emails about upcoming promotions or contests, for example. It will be an additional incentive to visit our company’s Twitter account regularly.

The combination of business Twitter with email marketing also has another advantage, related to viral marketing. The creative and funny content of the newsletters can be passed on by the addressees to people unknown to us. By clicking on the link, Twitter users can also pass the received address further. As a result, the popularity of our messages may come as a positive surprise.

What benefits can a Twitter account bring to the company?

Twitter often acts as a customer service office. The users can ask us questions, express opinions about products and services, inspire us to introduce the news, and suggest what we can change. It not only allows us to establish a close relationship with our customers but also to become an expert in a particular field (just as much as word-of-mouth marketing does, about which you can read more here).

Twitter is not an ideal platform for every company. However, many entrepreneurs operating in different industries can quickly find their target audience there. This social media channel is a great “traffic generator” for other websites. It’s also a great way to quickly establish a company-client contact. Many users will certainly appreciate the fact that we are active on Twitter. It gives them the opportunity to get a quick answer to their question. There is no need to waste valuable time sending emails or making phone calls.

As you can see, Twitter is a platform that provides many opportunities to promote your company. Each social media channel can increase the popularity of our business, provided that we have an idea for running an account. Twitter has a positive impact primarily on the image of the company. The important thing is that you don’t have to have a very large number of followers to be successful. Even relatively few active users are enough to make our tweets popular, read, commented and passed on.

Do you have a Twitter account? Do you think it’s a good way to promote your company on the Internet? We would be happy to hear your opinion.

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